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What is gold made of?

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Gold is an element and is therefore made only of gold. Gold jewlery, however, is often not pure gold, but is gold mixed with copper and silver.

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What is gold made of in a everyday life?

Gold is made of is an element. Gold isn't made of anything but gold.

What can gold be made out of?

Gold can only be made out of gold, and nothing more. If gold were to be made out of something else, it wouldn't be gold anymore.

What chemicals is gold made of?

Gold is made of one chemical: gold

Gold is made out of what?

Gold is an element, so it's made out of gold atoms.

What is 10k gold made of?

Its made out of gold. haha

What is Yellow Gold made out of?

It is made of the mineral "gold".

How is a gold crayon made?

its made with gold wax

What are gold bullion bars made of?

if the gold is green, then its made from vegetable bullion.if the gold is brown, then its made from beef bullion.if the gold is yellow, then its made from chicken bullion.

What compounds is gold made of?

Gold is an element, not a compond. It is not made of anything, although many compounds are made from gold.

Where does gold get made?

Gold is not made it is a mineral so it is mined.

Is a penny made out of gold?

No. Pennies were never made out of gold.

What is gold made out of?

Gold is an element, so it's made out of gold atoms. it has atoms icons

What is White Gold made out of?

White gold is made out of Gold and a white metal such as Nickel or Palladium.

Is Gold Man-made?

No. Gold is naturally occurring. Gold is obtained by extracting it from the ground.

Are olympic gold medals gold?

Olympic gold metals are no longer made of solid gold. They do still contain gold, but are made of mostly silver.

What is gold made into?

gold jewellery

How is a gold medal made?


What is rose gold made of?


What is a gold medal made of?'s made of gold, of course.

What are Pokemon Gold cards made of?

They are made of metal and gold plated.

Are cents made of GOLD?

yes old cents are made out of gold

What products are made from gold?

the products that are made from gold are jewelry and medicine.

Is the gold cup made out of gold?

It is usually coated with gold but there are certain cups that are made up of gold and this depends how prestigious the cup is.

Is gold jewelry made out of pure gold?

No,jewelrys are made of 75 %w.w Gold and metall alloys.

Is the Golden Gate Bridge made of real gold?

No, it is not made of real gold. It is made of steel.