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Q: What is good about article VI The Teacher and Higher Authorities in the Profession?
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What is the role of a teacher and higher authorities?

The role of a teacher is to assist the student to be successful learning to the best ability of the student. The role of the higher authorities in a learning environment is to support the teacher. The principle for example is the person who is in charge of staff and school.

Which is higher profession mechanical engineer or architect?

Architect is higher Profession as compare to Mechanical Engineer.

Why should unresolved problems be reported to higher authorities?

for higher authority decisions

What is the Difference between medium and higher level profession?


Who are the higher authorities of airways in India?

Ministry of civil aviation

How do you get a marijuana possession charge dropped?

take to "higher" authorities

How do you define profession?

The word profession is defined as vocation that is specialized and achieved through a higher education. Someone who has a career through advanced knowledge or learning.

Is higher secondary school teacher a gazetted officer in Kerala state?

Govt Higher Secondary School Teacher is a Gazetted Officer in Kerala.

Who is mr downes?

teacher os bis 7 in moscow higher math grioup and physics teacher

How do you find a higher level potion trainer on dragonfable?

talk to the alcamist in falconreach to get the test ---- I already went to her and am on the highest rank I can get with her. I need a higher level potion teacher. Des anyone know how I can get a higher level teacher?

Where can someone find an article about Achilles heel pains?

The average paramedic salary in Ohio is about $53,000 a year, based on studies. This is 6% lower than an average paramedic job, but is still higher than many other medical profession salaries in the field (i.e. ambulance driver)

Is there sims hypnotist in Sims 3?

Only The magician can hypnotise you with one of its objects when you get to a higher level of the magician profession.