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What is good electric power for a house?

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If your house has 220vac each leg should have at least 110vac so if you use an electric dryer you would have 110 vac to each leg to run the dryer for outlets and switches it would be the same 110vac volts alternating current to operate electrial devices and to turn the lights on and off.

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Good reason to have power plants?

So the electric lights and appliances in your house can work.

From where does this Maine get its electric power?

Power house

Is an electric lines to a house a power source?

Yes, it is a power source, because it carries energy from the main lines directley into a house.

What are 3 different ways to get electricity to your house?

From the electric company, solar power, and wind power.

Can electricity be lost when the utility switches out the meter?

It is not entirely clear to me what you are asking, however I will answer the question I think you want the answer for. When the electric company technician unplugs the old kilowatt hour meter that will disconnect the electric power from your house of business. When the electric company technician plugs in the new kilowatt hour meter that will reconnect the electric power to your house of business. For his own safety before switching the meters the electric company technician will probably disconnect the electric power from your house of business on the power pole or in the utility transformer box before beginning the work. So, yes you will have no electric power while this work is being done.

What do you know about electric power system?

what i know about electric power system is that they are good. they like to do stuff and they like to make new friends.

How much electric is needed to power a house?

5 units in per day

What can wind energy power in a house?

Wind energy, when coverted to electrical energy, can power just about anything in a house- HOWEVER- many things may need MORE electrical power than you can produce. Those things may include a heat pump, electric heat, electric water heaters, electric clothes dryers.

What to do when finding a person receiving an electric shock?

turn off all the power in the house:]?

What is bought from an electric company?

Electric power

The electric meter for a new house is furnished by the?

The electric meter for a new house is furnished by the power company. The box that holds the meter and anything past the box is the responsibility of the property owner.

Is an electric power generator safer than a natural gas powered generator?

You can purchase an electric power generator, but it won't do you much good if the electric goes out. A kerosene or deisel generator would be a better choice.

What is a hydro - electric power station?

hydro electric power station are the electric power station where electric is produced by using water.

How far does electricity travel to get to your house?

Every inch of the way from the electric power generator to the outlet in your house. At times, the generator that produced the power for your house may be located in another state, several hundred miles away.

What is the duration of The Electric House?

The duration of The Electric House is 1320.0 seconds.

what is the power on an electric cigarette?

The name says it "electric" power.

What is a good sentence with the word electric?

Here are some sentences.Do you have an electric car or a gasoline-powered one?The electric lines carry power to all of the houses in town.

What is the best electric move in Pokemon platinum?

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What electric power is made from moving water?

Hydro Electric Power

Do you know what home wind power generator is?

A wind power generator is something relevant to a windmill that uses wind to turn the blades creating electric that you can use to run your house. This saves a lot of money on electric costs.

May i know some good topics for major dissertaion in power sector for Masters in Power Management?

A good dissertation topic for a Masters in Power Management would be Energy efficiency in the electric car, or why the electric car is not as popular as gas powered in an society where fuel is so expensive.

What is a good analogy for mitichondria?

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Can I use a diesel generator to run the electric in my house?

You can, but you generally can't hook it up to the main power. You'll need to choose what to run with it if the power goes out.

What is the population of Shikoku Electric Power?

The population of Shikoku Electric Power is 9.

When was Kyushu Electric Power created?

Kyushu Electric Power was created in 1951.