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Plants need a number of things to survive. Most notably sunlight & water, along with minerals and elements they absorb from their substrate. There are exceptions to this known as extremophiles that don't use photosynthesis. They are however the exception to the norm, at least on this planet.

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Is salt good for plants?

Salt is good for some plants and bad for other plants.

Is milk good for plants?

Milk is good for soil but can be bad for plants.

Is cow manure good for plants?

Yes, it is very good for plants.

How is soil good for plants?

A better question would be , How are PLANTS good for SOIL or How do plants make soil.

What is a good title for a research paper on plants?

A good title for a research paper on plants is "Wholly Plants ".

Is well water good for plants?

Yes, well water is good for plants.

Are sports drinks good for plants?

sports drinks are not good for plants actually they make plants die! hope this answer is true!

Why is plain water good for plants?

It is good for plants since it is like rain water

Is old cocoa powder good for plants?

No because cocoa is a choclooate and it is not good for the plants.

What plants do cows not eat?

plants that do not taste good

Is niactin good for plants?

no niactin which is found in red bull and other energy drinks, plants is not good for a plants health. it is actually very toxic to the plants health

Is tap water good for plants?

is tapwater good for plants some times yes and sometimes no

How good effect of the sun to the plants?

The effect of the sun to the plants is very good. The sun helps the plants in the process known as photosynthesis. This is a process through which plants manufacture their food.

Is miracle grow good for plants or not?

Miracle Grow is a propriety plant food. It supplies feeding to plants. Whetherit is good for plants is open to discussion, on the whole plants benefit.

Is garlic good to put on plants?

good for what?

Why are plants good to eat?

plants that aregood to eat and goodfor you

Is coke good for plants?

It is good for millet and is not good for other plants. It is a weird subject. Millet grows faster when coca cola is added. No, I do not think that it helps plants other than millet. Water is best for plants. there both wrong i think coke is good for plants-- saying that i like it myself im addicted!!

Is ranch dressing good for plants?

yes, it contains butter milk which is also really good for plants.

Why is lime water good for plants?

because limewater contains dissolved carbondioxide in it and plants need carbondioxide for that sake lime water is good for plants

Why are desert plants good succulents?

Succulents are plants that are able to store water in their leaves or stems which is a good adaptation to have for plants that live in an arid environment. No all desert plants are succulents, however.

What are good questions to ask about Seedless plants?

Good questions to ask about Seedless Plants could include: - what are the differences between seedless and seeded plants? - Do seedless plants have better nutritional value than seeded plants? - Why do certain plants contain seeds?

Is impurity good for plants?

Impurity is not exactly good for plants. Some of the impurities that are found in water will have chemicals and minerals which may harm the plants like copper.

What are all the ingredients for fertiliser?

Manure compost is natural and very good for fruit and vegetable plants. Miracle grow is good for flowering plants and house plants.

How are plants sensitive?


Is algae good for plants?


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