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Vaseline intensive care gel (the thick stuff) or Bag Balm. Put it on really thick before bedtime and wear some soft cotton gloves or socks.

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Q: What is good for rough cracked dry skin?
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How can you tell if your skin is dry?

You can tell that you have dry skin if you observe red, rough, and sometimes itchy and cracked skin. This is because your oil glands do not produce enough oil or moisture, thus, the appearance of dry skin. Dry skin may appear on the face, neck, and the upper and lower extremities.

What skin condition causes dry and cracked hands?

name for dry , scaly skin condition

Do timber rattlesnakes have dry or rough skin?


Is it a frog or a toad which has dry rough skin covered in warts?

Usually toads have rough skin. A frog's skin is normally smooth.

What animal group has dry rough skin?


What causes cracked fingers?

Dry skin, Use lotion everyday.

What is dry cracked skin on toes called?

acne or athletes foot

How do you heal cracked feet?

You can buy lotions, creams and balms from a chemist to treat dry cracked skin on your feet.

What does a dry cracked dog nose mean?

Sometimes, dogs skin can become dry and cracked just like people's skin. This is usually not a serious condition and can be remedied by applying olive or coconut oil daily.

Is a salamander a lizard?

AnswerNo. Salamanders have smooth moist skin and lizards have rough and dry skin.

What is a warthogs skin like?

Warthogs have very rough, dry skin. This is due to the fact that they live in a warm climate, and because they love to dig, they get themselves covered in dirt and causes their skin to feel very dry and rough. This is why their skin has a slight resemblence to elephants!

What do reptiles depend on to keep their bodies warm?

With their dry rough skin

Why do reptiles have rough skin?

Reptiles have dry, rough skin that helps them stay hydrated. This is important because many reptiles live in arid and desert conditions.

So, what exactly is dry skin in general?

Dry skin is when your skin is calloused and feels very rough to the skin. Also if the skin cracks and bleeds and is tender to the touch. Also if you rub it and the layer rubs off.

What is the skin condition called cerriosis and how do people become infected?

Xerosis cutis is the medical term for abnormally dry skin. The skin loses moisture and becomes dry and cracked and may even peel.

What is a good foundation for dry skin?

A good foundation of dry skin is vaseline, or any lotion that is moist.

Do iguanas have scaly skin?

yes iguanas have scaly skin. An Iguanas' skin is rough and coarse similar to dry fish scales

Is urea good for dry skin?

Urea is not good for dry skin. Urea is good for acne, though. Urea helps to dry up the oozing from severe acne.

How do you get rid of dry skin overnight around your lips?

But on lip balm, and don't bite your cracked lips.

What are some effects fungus does to your body?

it mostly makes your skin rough,unheathly,dry

Do Sephora Favorites Skin Saviors Moisturizers work on rough skin?

Yes the Sephora Favorites Skin Saviors Moisturizers work great on dry skin.

Dry Skin Is A Good?


How do you cure rough dry broken skin?

If the area is your hands, always dry them all the way after each wash, and use lotion.

Is dry shaving good for your skin?

no it is not good for your skin because you might get hurt thank you

What can I do if the skin under my fingernails is constantly cracked and dry?

TRY EATING PLAIN KNOX GELATIN a couple times a week, and take a good multi-vitamin every day. <<<adr>>>