What is good for sunburn?

Sunscreen/Aloe Gel/Lotion.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor.

SPF 4: 15 minutes of protection - Light protection

SPF 15: 40 minutes of protection - Light/Medium protection

SPF 30 "The Limit": 67 minutes of protection - Medium protection

SPF 45: 67 minutes of protection - MMH (Med-Med-Heavy) protection (may be slightly bad for skin)

SPF 50: 67 minutes of protection - Medium/Heavy protection (may be bad for skin) Do not use SPF 50+ on babies and children under the age of 3.

SPF 65: 70 minutes of protection - MHH (Medium-Hev-Hev) protection (is a bit bad for your skin)

SPF 80: 71 minutes of protection - Heavy protection (Is bad for your skin)

SPF 90: 73 minutes of protection - Heavy protection (Is very bad for your skin)

SPF 100: 74 minutes of protection - Very Heavy protection (Do not put on skin on children under the age of 13) - Illegal in some states

SPF 115: 79 minutes of protection - Extreme protection (DANGER!) - Illegal in many states and countries

SPF 9001: Never been made

Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but if you are already sunburned, cider vinegar wiped onto the affected areas will reduce the initial night's painful skin contact with the bed. It is important to be standing in the shower when the viegar is applied. Wait 5 minutes, then shower in luke-warm (or as warm as you can stand it) water. If your bathroom has a window, OPEN IT FIRST as the vinegar's odor IS overwhelming. Not only will it reduce the 'sting', the redness may turn to tan overnight. It may subsequently peel in 2-3 days, but the pain will be reduced.

A famous TV doctor in the US advises the use of a simple phrase to remember for sun-protection: 'Slip, slap, slop'.

SLIP on a light, long-sleeved shirt

SLAP on a hat

SLOP on the sunscreen

I wouldn't share this if it didn't work!