What is goodness in Latin?

Updated: 11/8/2022
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all i know is the word good which is bonus. the english word bonus is srtaight out of the latin language.

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Q: What is goodness in Latin?
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What is 'Di immortales' when translated from Latin to English?

Di Immortales is actually Latin. It means "O ye immortal gods" which can be used similarly to the English phrase "my goodness" or "goodness me."

What is Covington Latin School's motto?

Covington Latin School's motto is 'Teach me goodness, discipline and knowledge.'.

What does bonita mean?

Bonita is: it's short for "pretty girl" hermosa means "beautiful"

What is justice in Latin?

Negative. Justice in LATIN = Aequitas. Aequitas is 'justice' in the sense of something like 'the goodness and justice of a cause.' The term for both the legal sense and the moral sense is : justitia

Where does the word deluxe come from?

""Luxus" is the Latin word for extravagance or luxury. "Deluxe" literally means "associated with extravagance or extreme comfort." "Lux" is Latin for light, implying brightness, goodness, clarity, happiness, and easy living.

What is a sentence with the word goodness?

Thank goodness someone asked that question. Tom's goodness is a sharp contrast to his wife's hateful character.

What is goodness factor?

Goodness factor is a metric developed by Eric Laithwaite to determine the 'goodness' of an electric motor.

Can you give me a sentence with the word goodness in it?

oh my goodness?

How do you use the word goodness in a sentence?

She baked a batch of cookies for the charity event to spread goodness in her community.

What is the German word for 'Goodness'?

Goodness is die Güte in German

When was Granny Goodness created?

Granny Goodness was created in 1971.

When was Omar Goodness created?

Omar Goodness was created in 1997.