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What is governance?

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making sure you operate the business to comply with the governing laws or the state or country and in accordance with the company bylaws and articles of incorporation.

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What is meant by corporate governance?

what is meant by corporate governance?

What is another word for Self-governance?

Self-governance is an abstract concept that refers to several scales of organization.

What is the impact of corporate governance on company performance?

Good governance, good performance Poor governance, poor performance

Why is governance important?

Governance is important only if it's good governance. Good governance calls for transparency and accountability. If leaders display these things, the citizens are more likely to have confidence in them.

What is a synonym for governance and what is a synonym for corporate governance?

What is the synonym government.

How do you use governance in a sentence?

The governance in the city was very poor.

Who are the actors in governance and how does good governance promote development?


What the scoop of governance?

I am sure you are talking about the scope of governance, not the scoop. Icecream comes in scoops, not governance. And the scope of governance is very large. Government affects virtually every aspect of life.

What is the differentiation between good governance and bad governance?

Good governance takes the needs into consideration and does its best to do the right thing. Bad governance is generally concerned with the welfare of those working in government.

Advantages and disadvantage of corporate governance?

corporate governance advantages and disadvantages

What has the author Walter Effross written?

Walter Effross has written: 'Corporate governance' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Corporate governance 'Corporate governance' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Corporate governance

When did Good Governance Party end?

Good Governance Party ended in 1998.

What is the population of Governance of the Gaza Strip?

The population of Governance of the Gaza Strip is 1,657,155.

What is the meaning of Formal Actors in relation to Governance?

What is formal actors in terms of Governance

When was Hertie School of Governance created?

Hertie School of Governance was created in 2003.

Use of the computer in e-governance?

The use of computer in e-governance ensures that communication is enhanced or effective. It also cuts down on costs and time.

What is the effect of corporate governance on foreign investment?

What is the effect of corporate governance on foreign investment?

When was Governance of the Gaza Strip created?

Governance of the Gaza Strip was created in 2006-01.

How does information technology affects political aspects?

Good governance is the first priority of any political party or govenment.Presently good governance means an efficient ,answerable governance.Without information technology it is hardly possible to provide an efficient governance as information is the first step of any governance to cut the red tape of any governance.

How do you audit governance?

An effective governance audit begins with a shared meaning of what governance is. For some that meaning can be a descriptive definition while other require governance to be define in more operational terms. Which one of these approaches is most appropriate depends on the type of audit you intend to perform. Governance refers to the decision making rights and responsibilities within an organization. Who can make which decisions under a given set of circumstances. Governance is often expressed from the top down beginning with the organizations charter,authority of the board of directors the policies which apply to the board. governance extends downward to the organizations executives from the board again usually through formal policies and procedures covering most aspects of operations and decision making such as with the creation of specific IT governance policies. Audits of governance begin by validating the governance model exists and defines some the relationship of board governance on down to departmental and functional governance as with IT governance. This initial review is looking for consistency and sufficiency in the governance model. Next the audit should seek to determine if governance as it is applied is working as the model intended. That means looking for evidence that decision making is occurring in a top down manner and within the authority granted to the individuals or entities by the policies. Most of ten this s done by selecting a sampling of decisions in a particular area and examining them for evidence the governance model was followed. There are governance frameworks developed by professional organizations which help set standards of practice for sound governance including IT governance. Similarly, there are established standards for conducting audits and specific for auditing governance in an organization and for audits of IT governance. In audits of IT governance the focus is on making sound IT investments decisions, allocating and managing resources for projects and operations, and technology risk management. Each of these governance areas can be strengthened with formalized policies and procedures. Sample IT governance committee charters along with templates can be found at the related links provided.

What is e-governess?

E-governance is the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to fulfill government functions. In full, E-governance means electronic governance.

Make a sentence with the word governance?

"The great governance in my time was very poor", replied grandpa

3 Explain Corporate Governance and its practical relevance?

relevance to corporate strategy and corporate governance