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Green concrete could mean two different things. It could mean that the concrete isn't cured yet, or it could mean that it is supposed to be environmentally friendly.

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What has the author John Singleton-Green written?

John Singleton-Green has written: 'Limestone concrete' 'Concrete engineering' 'Concrete engineerings'

What is green concrete and its disadvantages?


Can green drywall be cemented to concrete?

No, it must be screwed. - But there are many varieties of excellent concrete board now. -

Can green drywall be cemented to concrete in back of shower?

NO, you shouldn't do that. There are many fibre/concrete products that are way better.

How do you get cooking grease off concrete?

Try the cleaner called simple green

Why are some 2x4's green?

They are treated, made for contact with concrete.

How does the manufacture of concrete contribute to the green house effect?

The greenhouse effect heats up the earth but, due to the planet's strangeness, the manufacture of concrete cools up the earth.

What is green concrete and why it is called so what is its benefits?

as the name suggests,green concrete is the concrete which is environment friendly and uses the waste content as fly ash,husk ash,micro is very good replacement of OPC( ordinary portland cement) as it is high fire resistant,corrosion resistant and having high strength and causes CO2 reductio in environment.

Why is one side of drywall green?

If one side of the drywall is green, it is actually green board. Green board is made with concrete, and is intended for high humidity areas. It will not mold or mildew the same way normal drywall will in moist conditions.

What invention in the first century bce made possible the roman use of barrel vaults and domes?


When is green concrete considered cured?

28 days is the usual cure time for structural concrete. For street pavements and driveways made with 6-Sack concrete, 3 days of cure will support a car, but 7 to 10 days is required for it to support trucks. All concrete continues to cure forever, as long as moisture is present.

What is the waiting period to drive on green concrete?

Should wait at least 4 days but 7 would be better.

What new building material did the Romans rely on to construct their large round arched and barrel-valted buildings?


What are all of the different types of concrete?

There are various types of concrete that are used for different purposes. Some of the types of concrete are polymer concrete, refractory cement, concrete canvas, glass concrete, and roller-compacted concrete.

What are Indian Colors?

color is an abstract can not see it in concrete can give examples for it like color of grass is green. similarly other examples of green colr,it is the concept of green color that is coommon to all these examplesso then we say ok this is the concept of green color.

What are the concrete nouns in the question How do you build a green for golf?

Green is a noun here, meaning a part of the golf course (putting area). The word golf is an abstract noun for a game - it is a process with rules, that cannot be seen or touched, even though the golfers and golf clubs, and fairways are all concrete nouns.

How do you remove green mould from concrete on the ground outside?

visit any DIY store they should have some remover or spray for it.

What is concrete types?

High density concreteSulphur infiltrated concreteVacuum concreteHeavy weight concreteLight weight concreteNo fines concrete

What is the Difference between wet concrete and hard concrete?

Wet Concrete:In Wet concrete the property of the concrete is suggested based on the individual material contribution .Hardened Concrete:In Hardened concrete the property of the concrete is identified as a whole.

What type of concrete should you use when making a concrete bench?

The best concrete for making a concrete bench is Bench concrete.

What is the Liver building made of?

It was one of the first buildings to be made of reinforced concrete, the liver birds at the top are made of copper which is why they are green (copper turns green when it reacts with the oxygen in the air to form copper oxide)

What type of concrete use in underwater?

concrete used in underwater,Hydrophobic cement concrete.Polymer impregnation concrete.Sulphur infilteration concrete.

What is a sentence for concrete?

The concrete was incredibly hard. The concrete was gray.

Is crops a concrete or abstract?

Crop is a concrete

What are types of concrete available in the Philippines?

There are quite a diverse range of concrete types in the Philippines. Some of the types of concrete in this country include Fiber-reinforced concrete, Rapid-setting concrete, Fluid-filled concrete, and Pervious concrete.