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Q: What is guinean?
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What is a Bissau-Guinean?

A Bissau-Guinean is a person from Guinea-Bissau or of Bissau-Guinean descent.

When was Guinean franc created?

Guinean franc was created in 1959.

When was Guinean syli created?

Guinean syli was created in 1971.

When did Guinean syli end?

Guinean syli ended in 1985.

When was Guinean puffer created?

Guinean puffer was created in 1838.

When was Equatorial Guinean ekwele created?

Equatorial Guinean ekwele was created in 1975.

When did Equatorial Guinean ekwele end?

Equatorial Guinean ekwele ended in 1985.

When did New Guinean mark end?

New Guinean mark ended in 1915.

When was New Guinean mark created?

New Guinean mark was created in 1884.

When was Guinean People's Union created?

Guinean People's Union was created in 1958.

When did Portuguese Guinean real end?

Portuguese Guinean real ended in 1914.

When was Franco-Guinean Union created?

Franco-Guinean Union was created in 1947.

When did Portuguese Guinean escudo end?

Portuguese Guinean escudo ended in 1975.

When was Portuguese Guinean escudo created?

Portuguese Guinean escudo was created in 1914.

When was Equatorial Guinean peseta created?

Equatorial Guinean peseta was created in 1969.

When did Equatorial Guinean peseta end?

Equatorial Guinean peseta ended in 1975.

When was New Guinean pound created?

New Guinean pound was created in 1915.

When did New Guinean pound end?

New Guinean pound ended in 1966.

When did Netherlands New Guinean gulden end?

Netherlands New Guinean gulden ended in 1963.

When was Papua New Guinean kina created?

Papua New Guinean kina was created in 1975.

When was Youssouf Diallo - Guinean footballer - born?

Youssouf Diallo - Guinean footballer - was born in 1984.

When was Mohamed Fofana - Guinean footballer - born?

Mohamed Fofana - Guinean footballer - was born on 1985-10-21.

Does Prote- J have any Papua New Guinean heritage?

He is half Papua New Guinean and half African-American

Nationality of French speaking countries in French?


What is the currency of Mali?

West African CFA franc .CFA franc, the West African CFA franc, Malian franc, Guinean franc and Guinean syli

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