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HCG is the hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. This hormone is what a pregnancy test detects. It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. During a normal pregnancy, the HCG levels will steadily rise throughout pregnancy.

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Q: What is hCG?
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What are the necessary foods for HCG?

Good diet for HCG check it

What does hCg mean-?

HCG is a hormone. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin.

What are average hcg levels at 8 weeks?

week 3 HCG 0- 5 week 4 HCG 5- 426 week 5 HCG 18- 7,340 week 6 HCG 1,080- 56,500 weeks 7 & 8 HCG 7,650 229,000 weeks 9 - 12 HCG 25,700- 288,000 weeks13 - 16 HCG 13,300- 254,000 weeks 17 - 24 HCG 4,060- 165,400 weeks25 - birth HCG 3,640- 117,000

Where can you get hCG?

hCG is a glycoprotein hormone produced during pregnancy. There are some companies who are producing certain diets and drops based on hCG but they have as little as 1% hCG in there.

Can you use Cymbalta with hcg dieting?

Hcg with cymbalta

Can having low hcg levels or no hcg levels while pregnant be hereditary?

Yes, having low hcg levels or no hcg levels while pregnant can be hereditary

What is the difference between beta-HCG and free beta-HCG?

Beta HCG is a molecule composed of two pieces: alpha and beta HCG. Free beta only stresses you're talking about a loose beta subunit instead of it assembled into the intact HCG molecule.

Which hormone indicates pregnancy?

Hcg.the presence of the hormone hCG

What Are HCG Diet Injections cpt code?

hcg injection

What is the difference between HCG and BETAHCG which test to be taken to detect pregnancy hcg or beta-hcg test?

same test

Is It Possible to Buy HCG Injections Online?

Unfortunately for dieters, the FDA has banned the use of hCG injections as a weight loss aid. Because pharmaceutical grade hCG must be prescribed by a doctor, it has become increasingly difficult for dieters to purchase hCG injections in the United States. If you want to purchase hCG injections, you may have to buy hCG injections online. However, dieters must understand that this can be dangerous. If you aren�t getting hCG though a physician, you have no way of knowing whether you are using high quality hCG. Before purchasing hCG injections, you may want to consider purchasing homeopathic hCG drops instead.

Does depo provera contain HCG?

Depo Provera does not contain hCG

What is hcg hormone?

hCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin.It is produced in pregnancy.

Can you produce HCG and not be pregnant?

No. Only of you have a tumor or you are taken medince that has HCG in it.

Can you eat grits on the hcg diet?

Can you eat grits on the hcg diet?

Can the Depo-Provera affect your hcg levels?

A normal hcg level is zero. A pregnant woman has an hcg level. Depo Provera prevents pregnancy. In that sense, it keeps your hcg level at zero.

Where are hcg diet drops reviews?

You can read reviews on hcg drops at You can also try

Is hCG in prenatal vitamins?

No. hCG is not in prenatal vitamins and will not effect a pregnancy test. hCG is only in prescription medicines that are prescribed to assist in fertility.

Could your HCG level go up because of what you eat or something else if you are not pregnant?

HCG IS not related to dietary intake. Certain fertility drugs could cause hcg levels to rise. HCG will not ever be detected if you are not pregnant. HCG is a hormone produced by pregnancy and has nothing to do with anything you eat. HCG can be produced if you have some cancers or ovarian cysts.

Why can't you take hcg during menstruation on the hcg protocal?

"During menstruation the HCG is already being made by the body" No, it's not. HCG is produced by the tropoblasts within several days after implantation of the fertilized egg.

What are the best HCG diet drops to take?

You can find a variety of hcg drops with their reviews Hcg ultra diet drops are rated the best. A 15 day supply is $75.

Can i get pregnant with Hcg at 35?

Anything over 25 Hcg is considered 'pregnant'.

What types of birth control have hcg?

There are no methods or brands of birth control that have HCG.

Should you continue HCG if you get your period?

should I continue on the HCG diet if i get my period?

Can you take diclofenac sodium75mg with hcg diet?

Can I take Diclofenac while on HCG?