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This could be stress related, or old age (depending on how old he/she is) Could have an ear infection and your best bet would be to go to the vets and get him/her checked out.

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Q: What is happening when a gerbil faints and What should you do if this occurs?
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Should your gerbil have a wheel?

yes gerbil should aways have wheels with them

Will a gerbil survive after a dog bit its head?

Depends about the dog and gerbil. You should bring your gerbil to a vet (if they do gerbils).

Can a gerbil kill a hamster?

It is possible. a hamster should not be kept with a gerbil. The hamster may also try kill the gerbil if it dislikes it.

What if your gerbil is bitten what should you do?

no questions asked take your gerbil to the vets straight away

How do you clean dried wax off a gerbil?

WHY is there wax on your gerbil? If hot wax fell on your gerbil its probably burned. You should take it to a vet.

Should your gerbil eat paper?


How much should an adult gerbil weigh?

Average adult gerbil weighs about 2.5 oz

How often should you wash a gerbil?

you don't need to if you have another gerbil because they clean each other :)

Would a pet cat eat a pet gerbil?

Yes, it is possible and likely that the cat would try to catch, kill and maybe eat the gerbil. You should keep the gerbil in a cage that isn't accessible by the cat.

Should I replace a dead gerbil?

YES! it would be creepy not to; just having a dead gerbil sitting there. YUK!

When a lady faints what number do you need to bring her?

You should bring her the number 2, you should bring her 2.....

Why do gerbils bodies tilt?

If your gerbil is tilting, you should go to the vet quickly. This means that your gerbil has got an injury in its ear . Watch out! Get some medical treatment for your gerbil IMMEDIATELY.