A number of species of Gerbils have been developed to be pets. Raising and training these little fur balls is fun and educational.

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Care of Rabbits

Can you put gerbils in a rabbit cage?

No, they are best kept in a large fish tank with a wire lid as they love to dig and chew.


Can gerbil survive in cold weather?

It depends on how cold the weather can be.


Can gerbils survive the cold?

gerbils can live in the cold for very short times if it is above freezing, if they have at least 1 other cagemate, and if they have enough bedding to tunnel through. because they live in the dessert and sometimes it gets cold at nite but the gerbils survive because they burrow down under the sand and they all sleep in one "room" on top of each other sharing body heat.


What do you call a male gerbil or hamster?


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What is the longest living gerbil?

9.2 years, for unbred female. Perhaps longer, but not documented.

Average is 2 - 3 years, females live longer.


Do female gerbils thump their feet?

all gerbils thump their feet to talk to one another and to warn others that is is their area. Yeah, all gerbils do, they do it when excited, threatened, annoyed or to warn other gerbils off or that there is a predator. My gerbils thump their feet when I go in to give them a toilet roll (they love them).

Dog Breeds

Where to find a gerbil breeder in NY? has small animals including gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, etc. available for adoption.

Hamster Behavior

Can hamsters choke on their food?

If it swallows a bit that is too large then the answer is most likely to be yes.


Why do gerbils shake?

It may be because he is scared, but once he is use to you, he probably wont shake as much.


Can gerbils cry?

Yes they can, but only if they have been bitten or their eyes are dry. Their tears are red, so you know it's not blood.

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How much does gerbil milk cost?

Go to your local pet store and find out there. All pet stores will have different prices


When do female gerbils have their period?


Do gerbils see in black and white?

Cats (Felines)

Can gerbils and cats live in the same house?


But you need to train your cat to stay off the table or whatever your going to keep the gerbil on. And just for in-case your cat goes on the table wondering, "What's making that noise?", you want to make sure it's a heavy glass or wire cage not plastic. Besides if it is a plastic cage your gerbil will chew through it and escape. If your gerbil escapes your cat will find it catch it or kill it.

Also remember to give your cat as much attention as before you got the gerbil or it will become jealous, and it might get so crazy that it will find a way into the cage and kills it.

And one more thing remember that they will be a big responsibility.


Are white gerbils with red eyes albino?

Yes, gerbils that have red eyes and are white are albino, i used to have an albino gerbil :)


How do you care for a gerbil bite?

Basic first aid.

Wash the wound carefully with plenty of soap and hot water.

Use a little hydrogen peroxide to disinfect

Apply an antiseptic cream While it is not likely to get infected, if it starts to swell and hurt seek medical attention.


Are male or female gerbils better?

Well theres no difference in tempramental really, females just pms and you will notice it. They might be a little more aggravated during this time, but hey I have a male so I wouldn't have that experience. Its a matter of oppinoin.


What temp do gerbils like?

room temperature


Can you hold a gerbil by its tail?

You should avoid holding a Gerbil by its tail except for extreme circumstances such as administering medicine.

If you grab the end of it's tail it will come off as a defence mechanism and if you hold it too close to the base you can cause damage.

Most importantly though, the Gerbil will think it very uncool and will take longer to become tame, no one wants to be waved about by the bottom.

If you find your Gerbil hard to catch use a toilet tube or glass jar to gently lift it out of the tank.

Care of Rabbits

Can you put gerbils and a rabbit together?

I'm not really sure, but if your gerbils are a bit aggressive and your rabbit is sensitive, I wouldn't really recommend that. Try it if you want, tell me what happens!(:

Absolutely not. Rabbits are too large, and will hurt a co-habiting gerbil.


When Are gerbils born?

Around 28 days of gestation


Can gerbles eat black oil sunflower seeds?

Yes they can.

Gerbils can eat most seeds and black oil seeds are one of the ones they can eat.


Is it safe for gerbils to eat bread?

it is not safe to feed gerbils any bread,(any kind)thus this will cause their tiny intestines to inflate.they will stop eating and die.

As gerbils are omnivores, they can eat most things, they can eat bread, just not too much. If you have to feed it bread, feed it wholmeal. Watered bread, mushed up dried food, and mushed up fruit (as instructed by the vet) saved my gerbils life when it pulled out its teeth. It has done so 4 times since and hasn't yet died. But don't ever feed it too much so be sparing with it (perhaps only once a month or so, give it 1cm2 for example).



How much does Gerbil bedding cost?

Normaly 3-4 pound


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