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What is hardworking?

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Is the word 'hardworking' hyphenated?

No, "hardworking" is not hyphenated.

What are the comparative and superlative of hardworking?

more hardworking, most hardworking

How do you spell hardworking?

Hardworking is the correct spelling.

Is hardworking a noun?

No, the word 'hardworking' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun (a hardworking student).

How do you say hardworking in french?

"Hardworking" is "Travailleur" in French.

How do you use hardworking in a sentence?

John is very hardworking

What is the superlative form of hardworking?

most hardworking

What is a simile for hardworking?

Hardworking as a dog or beaver cuz animals word hard or hardworking as a builder cuz they work hard to build houses and buildings?

Is hardworking a personality?

Hardworking is a personality trait. Everybody has multiple traits that make up their unique personality, and hardworking can be one of them.

What qualities do you need to be hardworking person?

What qualities do you need to be hardworking person?"

Is hardworking is a noun?

No the word hardworking is an adjective not a noun. A noun form is hardworker.

How was Thomas Jefferson hardworking?

he was hardworking because he became the president of the United States

Why ants are called hardworking insects?

They are hardworking because they live and die to work.

How do you say i am hardworking in spanish?

Soy trabajador is the best way to say "I am hardworking" in Spanish.

What percantage of hardworking kids play professional sports?

It depends on your definition of hardworking kids

Is hardworking one word or two words?

The word "hardworking" can be spelt as a single word or as two words.

What is the opposite of hardworking in spanish?

lazy = perezoso The phrase "opposite of hardworking" is "el opuesto de trabajador"

How do you get a sporting scholarship?

By hardworking

What is the synonym of hardworking?


What is the antonym of hardworking?


What is hardworking in German?


Sentences using the word Hard Working?

My father is a vary hardworking man. She had two jobs; she was a hardworking woman.

What are three adjectives to describe calpurnia in to kill a mockingbird?

Tough, hardworking, self-disciplined, helpful, mother figure, hardworking

How can you say are you hardworking in spanish?


What means Merl?

hardworking and organized