What is healthier being circumcised or not circumcised?

The majority of the men of the world are not circumcised. The prepuce or foreskin was put there by nature to protect the glans penis against harm. In the first place it protects the child against infection and covers the sensitive glans of the penis. There is nor medical reason exept in very rare circumstances to do anything to the foreskin. Circumsicion was invented by religion for no reason other then the instruction of so called god or culture. The united states is a country where non religious circumsicion is still widely practiced and coincidentaly it is als oth country where there is a thriving medical industry surounding the problems that are coused by this form of genital mutilation. There is no evidence that the intact penis is anymore likely to become infcted with any STD. And there is no denying that the penis glans become desensitised from constant friction on clothing or underwear not to mention that a masive amount of pleaasure giving nerves are cut aut along with the amutation of the prepuce.

Actually, in some cases circumcision is considered healthier as some evidence supports the fact that it lowers the risk of catching AIDS as studies in Africa have shown, plus is helps to lower chances of infection as well. Nonetheless, hygiene in Africa is of lesser quality in the States than in Africa, so the studies are inconclusive.

Studies have proven that there is no decreased sexual function or satisfaction for either the man or his partner after a circumcision.

Bottom line, it is healthier to be circumcised if hygiene is not practiced regularly however if one washes his genitals on a regular basis, there are no problems with being intact. It is also very easy for one to hide his uncircumcised status by simply pulling back the foreskin. Many females who claim they prefer circumcised, may be having "relations" with an uncircumcised and not even know it.