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Q: What is healthier waffles or pancakes?
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Whats better pancakes or waffles?

Waffles are healthier then pancakes.

What do waffles smell like?


What is difference from pancakes to waffles?

pancakes are soft and fluffy waffles are hard and crunchy

What is a common liquid on pancakes and waffles?

Maplesyrup is very common on pancakes or waffles.

What is the difference between waffles and pancakes?

well, waffles are like having squared holes and pancakes don't also waffles is more crisp

Should you eat waffles or pancakes?

totally waffles

Do people like pancakes more thn waffles?

it is a scientific fact that people do enjoy eating pancakes more then waffles because they are more filling and can keep you going throughout the day longer then waffles can. it is also a fact that children enjoy waffles more and adults enjoy pancakes more.

What is used to make waffles and pancakes?

Well It seems that waffles are better

Are waffles the same as pancakes?


Are pancakes better then waffles?

it all depends on what you like i think pancakes are better

Are pancakes or wafles better?

Waffles are better than pancakes because they are more fluffy.

Does miley love waffles or pancakes?


Pancakes or waffles?

who cares lets have cookies waffles all the way baby!

Which is better pancakes or waffles?

This is opinion based, but i belive waffles because you can fill the squares with syrup

Do waffles have to be made in the waffle maker?

Yes. If you make them in a regular pan, you'll have pancakes not waffles.

Do you like waffles lyrics?

do you like waffles? (yeah we like waffles) do you like pancakes?(yeah we like pancakes) do you like frenchtoast?(yeah we like frenchtoast) do de be do can't wait to get a mouthful waffles waffles waffles do de be do can't wait to get a mouthful (reapeat)

What did Thomas Alva Edison study?

Pancakes and waffles

What is the liquid that you might pour on pancakes or waffles?

Honey, maple syrup, lemon juice, treacle, and whatever you fancy.

Are waffles or pancakes better?

i believe waffles are better because it has a better taste and goes well with ice cream

What is a liquid that you might pour on waffles or pancakes?

Maple syrup?

What can be made from pecans?

pies, cookies, muffins, pancakes, waffles

What field did thomas alva Edison study?

Pancakes and waffles

What kind of liquid do you pour on waffles or pancakes?

maple syrup

Is pie or chocolate better?

both. i like pie, you like pie, we all like pie. i like chocolate, you like chocolate, we all like chocolate. i like waffles, you like waffles, we all like waffles. i like pancakes, you like pancakes, we all like pancakes.

What healthier pancakes or tacos?