What is heat of body?

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The normal body temperature of a healthy human is either 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.0 degrees Celsius.

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Q: What is heat of body?
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What type of heat is body heat?

Body heat is the heat that your body has and sweat to cool your body down .

Does skin remove body heat?

They body does remove heat through the skin. The main mechanism for removing body heat is sweating. When the body sweats, and then the sweat evaporates, it takes the body heat with it, effectively lowering and removing body heat.

How does the body react to heat?

your body reacts to heat by sweating to release heat from the body by evaporation the skin also starts to dialate to bring skin closer to the body to loose heat from the body

What is the duration of Body Heat?

The duration of Body Heat is 1.88 hours.

How is heat different from the temperature of a body?

heat is the energy present in a body, while temperature is the measure of the amount of heat presedsnt in a body

What part of your body removes body heat?

all of your body removes heat. you remove heat when you sweat or get goose bumps.simply the skin

What is the fastest method of body heat loss?

Loss of heat by radiation from the surface of the body, in the form of infra-red heat rays, is the fastest method of body heat loss.

What is the balance between the heat loss and the heat produced by the body?

Body temperature.

Is your body a good conductor of heat?

your body is a good conductor because it has to have heat

When was Body Heat created?

Body Heat was created on 1981-08-28.

What type of heat is given off from a human's body?

body heat, energy

What organ generates body heat?

Hypothalamus regulates body heat but it is not an organ

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