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Holistic health is a concept in Medicineupholding that all aspects of people's needs, psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole.

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Q: What is holistic health care?
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Can integration of holistic and conventional health care?

yeah it can be integrated....

What has the author James P B Lynch written?

James P. B. Lynch has written: 'Dr. Lynch's holistic self-health program' -- subject(s): Health, Holistic medicine, Self-care, Health

What is meant by holistic healing?

Holistic healing is a view of health care on the whole self( body,mind and spirit) and natural or spiritual cures.

How does Marxism relate to holistic concepts of health?

Marxism believes in equality for all classes. Therefore, it would have to be determined which health system or method Marxism would use and all would get the same. If Holistic Care was the method, then everyone would get it. If it was another method. Holistic Concepts would be out as all must receive equal care.

What defines holistic medicine?

Holistic health is a philosophy of medical care that combines views of physical and mental aspects of life and equally important approaches to treatment. Holism as a health concept has long existed outside of academic circles, but only relatively recently has the modern medical establishment begun to integrate it into the mainstream health care system. Holistic health is not itself a method of treatment, but is an approach to how treatment should be applied.

Can holistic health and conventional health be integrated?

You can ask a doctor about holistic health. Most Holistic doctors also know about normal treatment.

Where can on find information about holistic definition?

You can find information about holistic definitions from various sources such as books on holistic health, websites related to holistic living or alternative medicine practices, and through reputable experts in the field of holistic health. Additionally, holistic health centers or practitioners often provide resources and information about holistic definitions and practices.

Are there any guides to finding a Holistic health care provider?

You would have to look in the yellow pages or Google to help you find a Holisitc health care provider much easier .

Holistic health vs. Modern medical health care?

Generally, holistic healthcare differs in that it doesn't use moder medications or methods. It focuses more on 'natural' remedies such as herbal, spiritual, and eastern healthcare methods. Typically, health insurance will not cover it.

What has the author Donald A Tubesing written?

Donald A. Tubesing has written: 'Whole person health care' -- subject(s): Family medicine, Holistic medicine, Pastoral medicine, Wholistic Health Centers, inc 'Stress skills workbook' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, Stress management 'Wholistic health' -- subject(s): Holistic medicine, Medical care, Pastoral medicine, Primary care (Medicine), Wholistic Health Centers, inc

What is the general acceptance of holistic dentistry?

Many of the medical services provided by holistic dentists are paid for by health care insurance in the United States (excluding HMOs and Medicare). Insurance typically pays for

What has the author Thomas M Collins written?

Thomas M. Collins has written: 'Comprehensive health care for everyone' -- subject(s): Holistic medicine, Medicine, Popular, Popular Medicine, Self-care, Health