What is hot ice?

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Hot ice is crystallized sodium acetate trihydrate.

If normal sodium acetate dissolved in water crystallises it will generate heat(it's called an exothermic reaction), that's why it's called hot ice.

So hot ice isn't real ice: water/H2O in it's solid state.

It's crystallized sodium acetate dissolved in water

Molecular formulas:

Sodium Acetate: NaCH3COO

Sodium Acetate trihydrate: NaCH3COO . 3H2O

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Q: What is hot ice?
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Related questions

What will melt faster ice or hot ice?

Ice ice is just frozen water. Hot ice is sodium acetate. Ice will melt faster than hot ice.

What is the scientific name for hot ice?

hot ice

What is the purpose of hot ice?

the purpose of hot ice hot because of the sodium acetate

How does hot ice freeze?

hot ice dose not exist

When was Hot as Ice created?

Hot as Ice was created in 2007.

What can you compare dry ice and hot ice together?

yes you can but beware hot ice will melt

What happens when you pour water into hot ice?

Hot ice, eh?

Why carbon dioxide ice exists on mars but not on earth?

because it is to hot for ice on earth but on mars it is so hot ice freezes on mars even though it is hot ice is irrissatble

What happens if you keep hot ice in your fridge for a long time?

There is no such thing as hot ice. The ice is a cold and frozen solid made out of water. Ice happens when water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius. But if the ice is hot, it will turn into water. If you touch the top of fridge it most of the time hot or at room temperature, so the water(hot ice as you said it) will remain at the same temperature as the room or hot.

What is the deffernce from hot ice and cold ice?

well hot ice can kill u and normal u can eat

Is ice hot or cold?

Hot Ice Melts and Cold Water Freezes

When was Hot Ice created?

Hot Ice was created on 1955-10-06.

Why does ice melt faster in hot water?

ice melts faster in hot water because the hot water is transfering the separate particles in hot

Does the water temperature drop faster if you put ice into hot water or hot water into ice?

well d water temp. drops faster when hot water is put into ice because all d hot water melts down d ice and hot water norms down.

Can hot ice melt?

Yes hot ice can melt. I hope this will help, your welcome :)

What is hot but has ice in it?

Ice Tea

What would happen if hot water was mixed with ice?

The hot water will get colder and the ice will melt and the water from the melted ice will get to the same temperature as the final temperature of the hot water.

Why isn't hot ice real ice?

Ice is simply water in solid form. Hot ice is the result of the crystallization of sodium acetate from a supersaturated solution.

Why is dry ice compaerd to hot ice?

Only one of those is actually ice. Dry ice is frozen CO2 or carbon dioxide. Hot "ice" is only called hot ice because it is the product of an exothermic reaction (releasing heat) and because it looks like ice. Hot ice occurs when a super saturated solution of sodium acetate try-hydrate is cooled and then reintroduced to a sodium acetate crystal.

What melts faster cold ice cubes or hot ice cubes?

The colder ice cubes would take longer to melt than the hot ice cubes...

What are the ingridients for hot ice?

Hot Ice, Sodium Acetate, is made from vinegar and baking soda.

Why is ice cream refreshing on a hot day?

Because ice cream is better on a hot day then hot dog because a hot dog will make you more hotter

Is hot ice the same thng as dry ice?

No, dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. Hot ice is sodium acetate crystallized from a supersaturated solution.

Does an ice cube melt faster in hot chocolate or hot water?

An ice cube will melt faster in hot water.

How hot is hot ice?

32 degrees

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