What is hotter liquid water or solid water?


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Liquid water.


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That's all about temperature. The hotter it gets, the Ice (solid water) turns to, well, water (in liquid) then it vaporizes into water vapor. (in gas)

Boiling - when the liquid/solid is heated to a gas. Evaporating - when the air/room temperature is hotter than the surface of the solid/liquid so the water turns into water vapor.

They don't. Liquid steel is definitely hotter than solid steel.

Then the liquid will get hotter.Then the liquid will get hotter.Then the liquid will get hotter.Then the liquid will get hotter.

Water is not always liquid. It is only liquid between 00C and 1000C. Below that it is solid, above that it is a gas. The temperature determines how fast the atoms and molecules move about. In a solid they are too cold to move about. When they get hotter they move about relatively freely (liquid), and when they really get going, they are as free as the air!

water is a solid then it melts now it is a liquid

Example of solid changing toliquid:when you take an ice and put it to thaw out it changes to water (liquid) and is the same for liquid to solid; you freeze water(liquid) and it turns to ice (solid)

Liquid = water, solid = frozen water, gas = water vapour.

our food and water, you eat it as a solid and it comes out as a solid, mostly. when you drink water it goes in as a liquid and comes out as a liquid.

Ice (solid) starts out as water (liquid) and when water freezes it becomes a solid.

When a liquid turns into a solid it freezes. (does not have to be water)

Water can be a liquid or a solid when it is ice.

Water is the liquid form and ice is the solid form.

Water can be both a liquid and a solid; freeze the water for ice (solid) and melt the ice to it's original state, water (liquid) Hope this helped. not just water almost any liquid can be froze into a solid

When water freezes it changes from a liquid to a solid. When water boils or evaporates it changes from a liquid to a gas.

Freezing = water from liquid to solid vaporizing = water from liquid to gas

It is a solid because before you put it in the water it is a solid but after you put it the water it turns into a liquid. :)

water - liquid water vapour - gas ice - solid water

The change in the state of matter from a solid to a liquid is called melting. A typical example is when solid ice, water, melts to liquid water, water.

if water boils a liquid it becomes a liquid not a solid

Ice is water in its solid form. When it melts, it is water in its liquid form.

Ice is a solid.Water vapor is a gas.Water is a liquid.

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