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  • Vega = 9,602 Kelvin
  • The Sun = 5,778 Kelvin
  • Betelgeuse = 3,500 Kelvin
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Q: What is hotter than the sun Vega or Betelgeuse?
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Is the star Betelgeuse hotter than our sun?

No. The sun is actually hotter than Betelgeuse, but much smaller.

Is the Sun hotter than Betelgeuse?

Yeah, the Suns radiant pressure is more increased then Betelgeuse.

Which is hotter spica or vega?


Is Betelgeuse cooler than our sun?

the Betelgeuse is colder than the sun

Is Vega or Betelgeuse the brightest star?

Brightness is a function of a stars luminosity as observed from Earth. So our Sun is the brightest. Vega has an apparent magnitude of: 0.03 Betelgeuse has an apparent magnitude of 0.42 So, in apparent magnitude, Vega is brighter.

Is the sun smaller than Betelgeuse?

Yes, the Sun is much smaller than Betelgeuse.

Which star is bigger sun or Betelgeuse?

Betelgeuse is much bigger than the Sun.

Is the sun larger than Betelgeuse?

No. Betelgeuse has 950-1200 times the diameter of the Sun.

Which is brighter the Sun or Vega?

Brightness is a function of a stars luminousity as seen from Earth. The Sun is far brighter than Vega. However, if they were both viewed from the same distance, then Vega would be brighter.

Is Betelgeuse warmer than the sun?

No. While Betelgeuse is larger and brighter than the sun, it actually has a lower surface temperature.

Does our sun have a lower absolute magnitude then Betelgeuse?

Our sun has an absolute magnitude of 4.83, compared to Betelgeuse's absolute magnitude of -6.05. This means that Betelgeuse is more than 10 magnitudes brighter than our sun.

Is betelgeuse bigger than the Sun?

Yes, it has a radius about 1000 times the radius of the sun.