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human personality is a thing you know about your self

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What does the study of human personality?

Personality psychology

Why should personality be studied by psychology?

psychology studies the human mind and the personality belongs to the human mind so it makes sense that psychology studies personality. :)

What was claudius personality?

Claudius personality was very bad and also he was a corrupt and a multi faces human.

What personality should a secretary possess?

human characteristic

What scientist studies human behavior?

personality behaviorist.

How did Jesus take on a human nature?

He was confined to a human body, only his personality and character was different.

Name two human characteristics of a place?

the personality of an place

What does the human mind consider entertaining?

It all depends on your personality.

What are the requirements for becoming a personality specialist?

The requirements for becoming a personality specialist are quite varied. You would need at least a degree in human psychology which directly affect human personalities and behaviors.

What are the major categories of personality measures?

The major categories of personality measures include openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. These are the dimensions that are used to describe human personality.

What are the relation between personality development and human relation?

relationship personalit& human relastions

What are the four aspects of a human being?

The four aspects of a human being are the mind, the body, the personality & the spirit

How does color of a room affect human behavior?

by their personality, their mood, and their behavior!.

What are the personality profile of varios qualities of a human resouse manager?

he should be motivating, have leadership quality,confident,good communication and pleasant personality.

How did Sigmund Freud define the personality?

Sigmund Freud theorized that the human personality is composed of three basic parts, the id, the ego, and the superego.

What is the trait approach to personality?

The trait approach to personality is also known as the dispositional theory. It is an approach to the study of human personality wherein it measures traits that are considered to be habitual patterns of behavior and emotion.

What kind of human food do dachshunds like?

It all depends on your dog's personality.

Which approach to personality stresses the achievement of human potential and personal growth?


What is education for the physical?

physical education is hole some personality and human behavior.

What is the strongest proponents of the human unconscious mind's role in personality?

psychodynamic theory

What has the author Robert Leeper written?

Robert Leeper has written: 'Psychology of personality and sociaL adjustment' -- subject(s): Personality, Social psychology 'Toward understanding human personalities' -- subject(s): Personality

How does art contribute to influence the personality of every human being?

personality is art itself and the greatest art . we can express our personality or feeling to form an art . art can change the personality of human being by changes his/ her will ( example : i like that things , i like that one ). And sometimes art can influences some people to being an artists and later they form an art . hahaha ! i hope you understand :(

The factors influencing personality's?

the human personality talks about the whole being of does not only talks about the traits and attitude one posses. for me, the factor the influences more of the human personality is the environment where she/he lives...we are exposed to the environment more compare to other things, and also if may talked about is a type of environment... there is another factor that influences the personality and it is the heredity...the heredity factor is the one that influences the personality most because it tells u,, and shapes you in what you are born to be like

What does it mean by machines may be efficient but they do not have a human face?

As an example; A machine can calculate maths faster than any human, but is does not have a personality .

What are technical and non technical services?

technical skill based on human mind. non technical skill based on human personality

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