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Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. Humidity is usually expressed as a percentage of the maximum that the air could hold at that temperature.

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Q: What is humidity?
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How are humidity and relative humidity alike?

why is relative humidity more useful than humidity?

What humidity is expressed as a percent?

relative humidity

The actual humidity divided by the saturation humidity is the?

relative humidity

What is the humidity inside the International Space Station?

The humidity is filtered out by a humidity control system.

What would be the average humidity on mercury?

no humidity

What is the specific humidity of dry air?

it has no humidity

What does humidity do for you body?

"its not the heat , its the humidity" usually means it is the the humidity that cools your body temperature down .

What is Jupiter's average humidity?

There is no humidity on Jupiter. This is because there is no water on the planet which is needed to produce humidity.

Is humidity a physical or chemical change?

Humidity is water vapor. An increase or decrease in humidity is physical.

Is there any humidity on mars?

No! Humidity comes from vaporized water. Mars has no water, meaning there is no humidity

How does humidity affects the rate of transpiration?

How does humidity affect the rate of transpiration

What tool do you use to find the humidity?

A small inexpensive instrument for measuring humidity is called a Hygrometer (sometimes they are also called relative humidity indicator or humidity sensor). These instruments measure humidity.

How can you measure humidity in your own backyard?

Humidity refers to the degree of wetness of the atmosphere. By using a humidity gauge or sling psychometer, humidity in the backyard can be measured.

What is the purpose of a humidity meter?

Humidity meters are used to measure the humidity outside. Typically, these would be placed on the outside of your house to accurately measure the humidity.

How fast does humidity travel through the air?

Humidity is a condition of a gas, you add moisture to a gas to increase it's humidity and dry it to reduce the humidity when air gets to 100% humidity it may rain?

What tool measuring humidity?

A hygrometer measures humidity.

How is humidity related to temperature?

Humidity is related to temperature.

What is Neptune's average humidity?

there is no humidity due to no water.

How is humidity affected by temperature?

there is no affect of humidity by its temperature!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are humidity and precipitation related?

precipitation is a component of humidity

Does mercury have humidity?

no! it doesn't have an atmosphere to contain humidity.

What is relative humidity measured in?

Relative humidity is measured in %.

The temperature and the humidity in the air mass stay about?


How do you measure humidity in the temperature?

With a Humidity measuring device

What is the humidity of the Gobi Desert?

Almost zero humidity.