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It is a double lace cap Japanese hydrangea.

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Hydrangea is the genus name of the Hydrangea plants. You can tell because when you look at the scientific names of the many species of hydrangea they all begin with Hydrangea _______. Example, Hydrangea Macrophylla (the most popular form of the Hydrangea.

Hydrangea candida was created in 1954.

the common French noun for hydrangea is 'un hortensia' (masc.)

A hydrangea is a shrub, a carnation is much smaller.

Hydrangea macrophylla. See the related link for more information.

Hydrangea reproduce by means of cutting. This must be done with branches that did not flower for the entire year.

Hydrangea (pronounced /haɪˈdreɪndʒ(i)ə/, common names Hydrangea and Hortensia)

Hydrangea require full sun or a good part of the day in the sun.

Leave it alone .Hydrangea petiolaris can take a few years before it bloms.

Hydrangea have complete flowers. They do not have separate male and female flowers. They do not have separate male and female plants.

The Hydrangea is a Chinese flower and represents expressing love, gratitude and enlightenment. It is a good choice of flower to give as a gift.

The cast of Hydrangea - 2011 includes: Kaori Inagawa Azusa Kamimura Takurou Takahashi

Henbane Hydrangea Hibiscus Honeysuckle Hepiticas Hollyhock Honesty Hosta Hyacinth Hyacinth Hibiscus Hydrangea Heartsease Hyacinth Hadley Heather Hepatica Hibiscus Hollyhock Honeysuckle Hosta Hyacinth Hydrangea Hymenocallis

Hydrangea dislikes full sun. Under north faced wall or places which exposure to morning sun, hydrangea lives happily. In hot, dry season may need water spraying on leaves.

No. Hydrangeas are shrubs.

The bulb of a hydrangea plant

Kingdom: PlantaeOrder:Cornales Family: Hydrangeaceae Genus: Hydrangea Species: H. arborescens

These include gravel root (Eupatorium purpureum ), hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens ), and wild carrot (Daucus carota).

A flower that contains harsh substances.

They have probably been wrongly pruned.

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