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What is hydros?

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The term is used in several ways, the drug "hydros" is hydrocodone.

This name is also used for a NASA project. See related links.

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What are street names for Hydrocodone?


What is the street name for hydrocodone?


Who is at the top of the Greek god family tree?


How long do hydros stay in your urine?

2 days

Who is the titan god hydros?

He was the Titan of rivers and the father of bulls

How long does Hydros stay in your system?

7 to 28 days

Can you snort hydros?

There are a lot of ways to abuse drugs, and snorting Hydrocodone is one of them.

How long do hydros stay in your system?

and this is with a mouth swab safe time to have the mouth swab ?

Can you take 120 tussionex susp twelve hours after taking one hydrocodone?

That would depend on the strength of the hydrocodone. I have been taking 10mg hydros since January, so my body is pretty accustomed to them. I have found that I don't need the hydros with the tussionex as much because the tussionex also helps with the pain (I have fibromyalga and bronchitis at the moment). I did take one of the hydros about four hours after my last dose of the tussionex and didn't notice any real side effects, other than being a little more sleepy and out of it than I had been. Just be careful if you have any breathing issues because both med's can aggravate them. I wouldn't take both unless you take the hydros regularly though- I think the only reason I wasn't completely incoherent was because I've been taking the hydros regularly for a while. My doctor didn't tell me not to take the hydros with it though, so if you're still in pain I don't think it should be a problem.

Did greek goddess Ananke have parents?

No, she emerged self formed with Chronus. Or Hydros/Earth(Gaea) bore her.

What are the Names of the Titans in Disney's Hercules?

Stratos,Hydros,Pyros and Lythos (Order: Wind,Ice,Lava,Rock) ;)

Can taking hydro's make you not know what your doing?

Taking hydros is an indication that you already don't know what you're doing.

Were Marchetti hydro boats built in Clarksboro New Jersey?

The Original Marchetti hydros were built in Bristol, Pennsylvania during the '60s.

Are you eligible for police job if have loose hanging testicles?

they r nt preferred usually coz it increases chance of hydros and harnia.

Does hydros and perks show up the same in a urine test?

Yes. They both shows up the same - as opiates (same as heroin)

How long does hydros stay in your saliva?

If you're concerned about an oral swab test, as long as you brush your teeth and use Listerine, you're fine.

If pregnant how long will hydrocodones stay in baby blood?

You should never take hard meds like hydros while pregnant. That is so stupid!

What are some street names for amphetamines?

Some street names for amphetamines are uppers, crank, crystal, hydros and many, many more. My name is Ryan.

What is the Greek root of the word hydrogen?

The name hydrogen comes from hydros and generos.Hydros means 'water' (from where we get the words hydrate and dehydrate, hydraulics, hydroelectric and so on) and generos means to 'make' or 'create' (from where we get the words generate, genitals, Genesis etc). Thus hydrogen means 'water maker'. It is so called because when hydrogen burns in air the product is water: 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O

What element is named after greek word for water former?

Hydrogen, which comes from hydros, meaning water, and generos, meaning former or maker. Notice how generos looks like generate.

Is Aphrodite the oldest Greek god?

No; the oldest Greek god and goddess are likely Anankê and Khronos; or Water (Hydros) and Thesis (Creation) and Physis, goddess of the origin and ordering of nature.

What kind of pain killers do you typically receive for a wisdom tooth extraction?

I just had all four of mine out and they gave me Lortab 75 (hydros) and ibuprophen 600mg. They both are very effective. :)

How do you remove azo from fabric?

Azo is a colouring group with -N=N- and if we try to remove say by treating with caustic hydros, the colour will also get stripped. Hence difficult. Guru prasad.P

Was gaia the greek goddess married twice?

Gaia was never married, she was the mate/consort of Aither/Uranus/Hydros/Tartarus/Pontos/Poseidôn/Zeus/Hermes/Hephaestus but she never joined in a married union with any god.

Is cocaine and hydrocodone the same thing on a drug test?

no every drug test i have taken cocaine has its own little box and hydros will show up under opiates the same as any other pain killer will Oxycontin morphine

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