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Ana habbek (to male)

Ana habbetch (to female)

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Q: What is i love you in kuwaiti arabic?
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What is i love you in kuwaiti?

Ana habbek (to male) Ana habbetch (to female)

How do i say i miss you in kuwaiti Arabic?

Shta'tillek (male) Shta'tillik (female)

When was Kuwaiti dinar created?

Kuwaiti dinar was created in 1961.

What is the word 'love of my life' when translated from English to Arabic?

Love of my life : Hob Hayati ( in Arabic ) and it written in Arabic this way : حب حياتي

What is the Arabic word of love?

love - hob

Who is my love in Arabic?

who is my love - meen habibi

Is kuwaiti a country?

no kuwaiti is the name of the people living in the country Kuwait

What is the stock symbol for the Kuwaiti dollar?

The code for the Kuwaiti dollar is: KWD

How much is 250 kuwaiti dinars?

Let us see. It is exactly 250 Kuwaiti dinars. Or, to put it another way, it is ten lots of 25 Kuwaiti dinars or a quarter of a thousand Kuwaiti dinars.

What does hbiba mean?

In Moroccan Arabic it means, "my love" Moroccan Arabic is basically slang Arabic

When did Kuwaiti oil fires happen?

Kuwaiti oil fires happened in 1991.

How do you write love of your life in Arabic?

3 way for this, 1. You can learn Arabic and then write it. 2. You can write first then translate it with Notary publications. 3. You can Download a translator from internet with english to arabic meaning then you put it to your love.