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Words that children use to see the response from the hearer. The words are usually less-sanitized words, such as gutter-words, bathroom words, sexuality words.

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Q: What is impact words mean in child development?
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What do pies mean in child development?

It mean physical, intellectual, emotional, and social

What I want to know personhood development?

I am not sure what you mean by personhood development. There is child development.

What does CDA mean in child day care?

Child Development Associate

What do you mean by Impact of Industrialization on Development?

this is very faltu site

What does Maturation mean in Child development?

In all reality, maturation in child development means basically a form of puberty. The child is maturing a bit more than in the stage of development that he/she is in.

What does interconnected mean in child development?


What does child development mean?

Child development refers to the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth that occurs from infancy through adolescence. It involves the progression of skills, abilities, and behaviors that enable children to interact with their environment and fulfill their potential. Understanding child development helps caregivers and educators support children in achieving important milestones and reaching their full capabilities.

What does preverbal mean?

Preverbal refers to a stage or period before a child begins to speak in recognizable words. It pertains to communication that occurs before the development of verbal language, such as through gestures, facial expressions, or vocalizations.

What does the latin prefix ped mean?

In words that come from Greek the prefix ped- stands for "child."

What does A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark mean?

This phrase suggests that a child's experiences and interactions with others shape who they become. Every person they encounter leaves an impact on them, influencing their development and personality. Children are impressionable and vulnerable, making it important for adults to be mindful of the influence they have on them.

What does it mean physical development?

physical development means the progress of a child's control over his body.This includes control over muscles,physical coordanation,ability to sit and stand

What do the words on the brazilian flag mean?

The words on the Brazilian flag, "Ordem e Progresso," mean "Order and Progress" in English. These words represent the country's motto and aspirations for social harmony and development.