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You need it for your skin and hair.

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Importance of balance diet?

That u are not a fat butt clown

What is the importance of food and bevarage management?

If we didn't manage our diet (foods and drinks) , we would all be really fat.

The importance of water in a diet?

the importance

Is eliminating fat from diet?

Yes eliminating is fat from diet.

What is the importance of total fat?

Total fat on a nutrition label used to be what people looked for to monitor their diet, if they were on one. Now it is more important to look at he type of fat, for example, if a food is saturated or unsaturated.

Where is there information on the Internet about flush the fat diet?

The flush the fat diet is based upon detoxification of the body. For additional information about this diet, please see:

What is the definition of fat diet?

your fat and you need to go on a diet that's the definition.

Why do I need a little fat in your diet?

because no fat in your diet can be very unhealthy.

Why is fat important to your diet?

fat is important to your diet because without fat you won't live without fat fat Is like masses in your body

What is a high fat diet?

A high fat diet is a diet that consists of mostly red meats because they are fatty.

What has the author Rosie Daley written?

Rosie Daley has written: 'In the kitchen with Rosie' -- subject(s): Low-fat diet, Diet, Fat-Restricted, Recipes, Cookery 'In the kitchen with Rosie' -- subject(s): Low-fat diet, Diet, Fat-Restricted, Recipes, Cookery 'In the kitchen with Rosie' -- subject(s): Low-fat diet, Diet, Fat-Restricted, Recipes, Cookery

What are the 2 dangers of the eye fat diet?

what are the 2 dangers of a eye fat diet

Do you really need fat in your diet?

Without fat, you will be too cold so yes, you have to include some sort of fat in your diet. Yes, you do need fat in your diet. Fat is the energy in your body that you need to have if you are playing some sport

Why do we need fat in our diet?

why do we need fat

Is fat-free ice cream considered a diet food?

It depends on your diet. If your diet relies on keeping fat intake low then fat-free ice cream is a diet food. If your diet relies on keeping caloric intake low then fat-free ice cream may not be considered a diet food.

Do you believe that a diet low in fat is dangerous?

A diet that is low in fat is not dangerous. In fact, it is encourage to participate in a diet that has low fat content. You can supplement high fat foods with low fat alternatives, as well as complex carbs and vegetables.

Could you eat salmon on a fat free diet?

Can you eat salmon on a fat free diet

What is the difference between a low fat diet and a low calorie diet?

Low fat just means low fat. low calorie means a diet that doesn't have many calories from protein or fat or carbs

What can I do to get rid of my excess belly fat?

Medical sites like stresses the importance of a healthy diet to burn belly fat. Exercise alone will only tone the abdominal muscles. Diet should include small frequent portions of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish.

Where can I find out more about fat flush diet?

The fat flush diet involves restricting caloric intake and consuming minimal amounts of carbohydrates. Here are a few websites to help you further:,, and

What could happen if you do not have fat in your diet?

Describe what will happen if a fat- free diet is followed for a few weeks?

What to do for dry heaves in a dog?

Cut down on fat in it's diet. Check his diet for hidden fat

Should you eliminate fat from your diet?

No. If you eliminate all fat from your diet you will die. Fat and proteins are essential for good health and to sustain life.

Are fat free diet plans effective?

"Fat free diet plans are not effective in the long term. You may lose weight initially but it is not realistic, or healthy, to maintain a fat free diet."

Is the fat smash diet effective?

The Fat Smash diet is a very effective diet for some people. This particular diet was used by some of the contestants on Celebrity Fit Club.