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Q: What is in milk that makes people lactose and tolerant?
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What is lacked toss n tolerant?

I think you mean "lactose intolerant."Lactose is milk sugar. All small babies can digest lactose, but many people lose their ability to digest it as they get older--that is why they get sick from drinking milk. People who can still digest milk sugar as adults are "lactose tolerant"; people who cannot digest it are "lactose intolerant."

What do you call it when you cant have milk and cheese?

lactose and tolerant

What kind of milk do you have to drink if you are lactose and tolerant?

I'm lactose intolerant and you can drink lactose free milk, or soy milk like "Silk", also goats milk is good but i hear it doesnt taste that great, just check your local grocery store and they will have a section of lactose free milk products

What if your friend is a vegan vegetarian and lactose and tolerant what types of food can you offer to her?

Salads or soy milk

Does milk make you sicker?

It depends on what you are sick with, personally when I am sick with a stomach ache i drink milk and it makes me feel better because of the thickness it goes in your stomach and coats it and makes it feel better, unless you are lactose and tolerant or if you drink skim milk then it won't coat your stomach because it is not thick

Can milk be non-lactose?

Milk naturally contains the sugar lactose. Lactose-free milk is made by 'pre-digesting' the lactose in the milk. This is done by adding the enzyme lactase to the milk. The enzyme breaks down the lactose and people who can't digest lactose properly (lactose intolerance) can drink the milk without side-effects.

Is lactose a harmful ingredient?

Some people are lactose intollerant but for most people lactose (in milk) is fine.

Where does lactaid milk come from?

Lactaid milk is milk that has had the lactose, milk sugar, removed. Some people cannot digest lactose so they have to drink milk without lactose if they want to drink milk.

Is soy milk good for you even if you are not lactose free?

Soy milk is said to be good for people that are lactose or dairy free. However, soy milk is also said to contribute to digestive problems for some people.

What is in milk that makes it a good culture medium for production of yogurt?


What type of sugar is found in milk?


Is lactose free milk more popular than regular milk?

no because there aren't as many lactose intolerant people in the world