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There is water, pond scum, plant debris and other miscellaneous debris, and water-dwelling microbes.

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Q: What is in pond water?
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Will a plant watered with tap water salt water or pond water grow better?

Pond water. -pond water because salt water is hypertonic and tap water can be hypotonic or isotonic so pond water is the best choice of the three

Why is pond water still?

Pond water is often still because there is no current bringing more water into the pond. A pond that relies on rain water will be still most of the time. A pond that is spring fed might have a small current.

What is the solute and solvent of Pond water?

Solution of Pond Water= Oxygen + Water

What is the solvent and the solute of pond water?

Solution of Pond Water= Oxygen + Water

What was the source of the microscopic "animalcules" described by Leeuwenhoek?

pond water

Is pond water a pure substance or a mixture?

Pond water is a mixture

Is pond water heterogeneous?

yes,pond water is a heterogenous mixture

Is water evaporating from a pond chemical or physical?

Physical, but the pond does not chemically change - you still have water and pond goo, only the water has evaporated.

What body of water is a pond?

The pond itself.

Can protists be found in pond water?

Some can be found in pond water but not all.

What kind of bacteria are in pond water?

In pond water there is cyanobacteria, nastoc, and anabaena.

Who observed cells in pond water?

the person who discovered pond water is leeuwenhoek.

What is a freshwater pond?

a freshwater pond is a pond with freshwater or NON- salt water

What is habitat of pond?

A pond habitat is not just the water, its everything around the water too. THis is becdause everything near the pond use it as a main source for water.

Why does pond water grow plant so well?

Because minerals and co2 is in plenty in pond water, hence plant grow well in pond water.

What is pond's humidity?

Assuming that there is water in the pond, 100%.

Where are pond skates found in the pond?

Surface of water

What is the volume af water in a pond?

The volume of pond water is 33 Hope this helps!!!

Unicellular eukaryotes that live in pond water?

Unicellular eukaryotes that live in pond water

Is pond water hard or soft?

It depends on what type of bedrock the rain water seeps through to reach and enter the pond. For instance, if in a limestone area, the pond water is likely to be hard.

What is the purpose of using a pond pump in an outdoor pond?

A pond pump helps circulate the water properly. If it is not used, the water would sit still and get slimy. If there are fish in the pond it would help keep the water clean.

What is pond water?'s what it sounds like. Water from a pond with tiny microscopic organisms in it.

Is pond water fresh water?

Although pond water can contain fresh water, some ponds also contain brackish or salt water.

How many pond make kilogram?

A 'pond' is a body of water.

Is a lagoon a pond?

No, a lagoon is not a pond. A pond is a small body of water completely surrounded by land. A lagoon is a small body of water that is partially cut off from a larger body of water.