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Q: What is in the dirt on Venus?
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Related questions

Does Venus have dirt?

Venus is believed to have dirt similar to what is found on the earth. There are indications of volcanic activities that happen in Venus.

Does the planet Venus's have dirt or sand on it?

Dirt, sand, and rocks, all at VERY high temperatures, cover the surface of Venus.

Does Venus have dirt or gravel?

Yes, Venus is believed to have dirt and gravel on the surface. This planet is known for its very high temperatures.

Does Venus have dirt and gravel?

Yes, Venus is believed to have dirt and gravel on the surface. This planet is known for its very high temperatures.

Can plants ever live in Venus'?

No, because plants need oxygen to live and there isn't oxygen inside the dirt in Venus. As for the outside with the air, maybe.

How did Venus's' mantle form?

Venus's mantle formed from the build up of rock and dirt compressing together. So uhmm , YEAAH > -Kira . In Yerr Class

What are terrestrial planets in your solar system?

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. These are the ones that are primarily rocky, or "terrestrial", from the Latin "terra" or "dirt".

How many planets are named after the gods?

In the English language ; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus. So all except Earth which is named after Dirt.

What is grass cover?

dirt. dirt. dirt......... and dirt

What is the bright star next to the moon tonight?

Venus is the brightest star next to moon

Does Venus Have A Moon?


Why is the planet Venus called Venus?

Planet Venus is called Venus because it was named after the Roman Goddess of love (Venus).

It has an extremely high pressure at its surface?


Is Venus smaller or larger than Venus?

Venus is exactly the same size as Venus.

Where do emo people get razors?

here's how erm my friend did it, they took a simply venus razor head and pulled it off took the part of a nail clipper that scraps out dirt, used it to pull out 1 of them bent it back into place and wala.

Are Venus flytraps found on Venus?

No. There is no life on Venus.

Where is Venus?

Venus is the second planet from the sun, and Venus is in space.

How did Venus' become famous?

Who is Venus? Are you talking about the goddess Venus?

What planets are on the planet Venus?

There are no planets on venus. Venus is a planet.

Is dirt 1 better than dirt 3?

No, Dirt 3 is better than Dirt 1.

Are venus flytraps related to venus?

Both Venus flytraps and the planet Venus are named after the Roman goddess of love.

What is a hunk of dirt?

A hunk of dirt is just that, a hunk of dirt.

Will the ball roll farther on grass or dirt?

On Dirt On Dirt

Is dirt a pure substance or a mixture?

Dirt is a mixture. There are many things in dirt.

What is clean dirt?

wash your dirt, and it becomes clean dirt

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