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Q: What is in the green cover Rosie totes off the boat at the beginning of Mamma Mia?
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Because your teachers decided that green is a colour that makes you happy. This is totally WRONG because when I do my maths (green cover) I am definitely not happy. Whereas when I do food tech, PE or science I am happy.

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back to hobbitton, at the green dragon where Sam asked Rosie to marry him!

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i think it'll have a green cover with a green dragon. it may be called EMPIRE.

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Christopher Paolini confirmed during Comic-Con that, yes, the cover will feature a green dragon

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Green Flag breakdown cover can include a variety of benefits. They offer 5 levels of cover, starting at the basic roadside assistance. For additional costs the benefits may include home start, nationwide recovery, or European cover.

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the book will be named inheritance and will have a green dragon on the cover

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There healthy

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What green jacket? The one on the cover? That was more of a black-green jacket. ----

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