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Q: What is in the powdered egg substitute at health food store?
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What can you use as a substitute for powdered sugar?

Well you cant really substitute anything but you can make your own powdered sugar. for each cup of powdered sugar you want put 1 cup of sugar in a blender or food processor plus 1 1/4 tsp of cornstarch per cup (optional if you want the flavor of store bought brands) process or blend until you have a fine powder. Voila! you have powdered sugar!

What health food store has uricelax?

CVS Pharmacy is a health food store that sells and has Uricelax.

How do astronauts store their food?

They use powdered food and dehydrated food a lot, and they just add water to make food

What items can be found in a health food store?

A health food store will offer many supplements and vitamins. In addition, there will be organic foods available. Many health food stores also offer a restaurant.

What is the subject verb agreement Vitamins that are sold in a health-food store are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration 3b Vitamins that are sold in a health-food store is not regulat?

That does not agree it should be...."Vitamins that are sold in a health food store are not regulated by the food and drug administration."

Where to redeem health food coupons?

Many grocery stores sale "health" food and organic foods. But there are other store such as the Earth store, which is an organic store, and they except coupons.

3a Vitamins that are sold in a health-food store are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration?

is this a subject verb agreement3a. Vitamins that are sold in a health-food store are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.3b. Vitamins that are sold in a health-food store is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Where can you purchase vitamin c tablets?

you can find those at a health food store or at the grocery store in the health food section but why are you needing those for pool maint.?

Is there a gluten free bagel?

Yes there are many different brands of gluten free bagels. They will either be at the health food store or in the health or frozen food isle of the grocery store.

Where can you buy hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds are typically sold as a health food product. You can find them at health food stores or in the health food or supplement section of your grocery store.

Where can you purchase molasses?

You can purchase molasses at a health food store and or the grocery store.

How is brewer's yeast taken?

Brewer's yeast is available at most health food stores in tablets, flakes, and a powdered form.

What is an egg substitute in baking?

You can buy Ener-G egg replacer at a health food store. It's a powder that you mix with a little warm water. I have baked with it many times and you can't even tell that there are no eggs in the recipe.

Is the muscovado sugar can be a substitute for the powdered sugar?

No, you can't. Muscovado is another name for minimally processed or "raw" sugar. I nickname that stuff "eye-boogers" because it looks like the stuff you wipe out of your eyes when you wake up lol. Because of muscovado's coarseness, massive size granules and lack of thickener (in comparison to powdered sugar), it is NOT a suitable substitute in recipes that call for powdered sugar. You can TRY to make powder of it with 2 parts sugar/1 part cornstarch IF and only if you have a food processor. But I can't recommend it as that's something even I have never tried before. I can't really help much further because you didn't describe what recipe you're trying to substitute powdered sugar for or why you need to substitute it.

Where can you buy Glycerin soap?

A health food store.

Vitamins that are sold in a health-food store in a health food store are is regulated by the food administration?

Yes, and it has either been approver or denied. Its not very likely you'd find something denied available to the general public, though...

What is a substitute for egg beaters?

try a scrambled tofu recipe. There are egg substitutes at health food stores.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide?

It exists. Check out a health-food or bodybuilding store.

Recipe calls for powdered sugar that i do not have can i use something else?

I don't think many recipes that need powdered sugar would work with a substitute, but you can make powdered sugar if you have a food processor. Put granulated sugar in the food processor and a little corn starch (about one teaspoon of corn starch to one cup of sugar). Run the food process for several minutes checking periodically to see if the sugar is fine enough. When it's powdery you can use it in your recipe.

What grocery store can you get goat milk at?

Whole Foods or a local health food store should have it.

Where do you find wheatgerm capsules?

go to a Health Food Store

Where can get gluten free bread?

Try a health food store.

Where can I go to get information for diet food supplements?

There are several great resources available for someone looking for information on diet food supplements. Begin by locating your local health food store and speak directly to the salesman about your specific needs. If no health food store is available nearby, try a GNC store associate. Your family physician is also a great reference for all things related to health and diet.

What are the top health food stores?

Health foods can be purchased online through Also check It is a locator for these stores.

Where in Houston is there a healthy food store?

Amongst others, you may consider Sunshine's Health Food and Deli on Martin Luther King Blvd, Tri-Health Food Store on Fuqua Street or Whole Foods Market, located at Kirby Drive.