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What is infactuation?

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it is a type of emotion which come across the teenagers. we can surely come out of it if we have a strong mind too.

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Is it infactuation?

Is what Infactuation? We need you to be more specific.

Can infactuation turn into love?


Is Infactuation caused by hormones?

Yep and mostly by sexual desires to begin with.

What CD is Maroon 5's song Infactuation on?

Infatuation is on It Won't Be Soon Before Long.

How do you know if its love or infactuation?

Love is Real yu feel it.. Infatuation is when yur with someone but aint happy because your always thinking that there cheating .and things like that.

How do you avoid lust?

The best way to avoid lust is to start focusing on the better aspect of it. Lust / infactuation is the other side of the coin called Relationships. The person you love, you will not lust for it.

What do you call when hes all you think about and all you want and jump and the sound of his ring tone and cant stop smiling no matter what your talking about is it love or a fun crush?

Infactuation that will eventually dissolve.

Is there any hope to repair your marriage if your wife left about a month ago for someone else and says her love for you is gone and she's now in love with him and she's 35 and he's 55 and you're 40?

It's too early for her to call it love. Infactuation yes

What does it mean when I'm married and dream about an old infatuation?

You might be wanting to see if you stand a chance now with your old infactuation. You may want to give it a try with them, remembering how it felt back then when you were infactuated with them. You might also be feeling unsure about your marrage to the person you are with and be questioning your love for them.

Differenance of being in love and love?

to be in love with someone is pure infactuation. you can love your family, friends or even partner, but to be in love with them is a different thing. if a person was in love with someone they would be completley devoted to that one person and be 'head over heals in love with them'. they would be able to sacrafice anything for them.

How do you hint crushes?

TO HINT IT JUST FLIRT WITH THEM IF YOU'RE SURE THEY WANT TO KNOW There is no hint. Crush only means infactuation, and you need to get in the picture somehow. It makes the guy or girl think about you but it doesn't mean that you're giving yourself away exclusively. It also means you are available. Guys really like it.

Who is the woman in La Belle Dame Sans Merci?

In the story she is a faery, which is most popularly defined as a human size "fairy." There is definite answer to who she really is, Keats leaves this for you to decide. I think she represents love (in general) and the Romantics' infactuation with the unattainable and the longing to escape. Romantics: writers of the Romantic era more info:

How to remove emotions?

without emotion, there would be crime, but alot less of it, not all crime is done in emotion, hence first degree murder, pre planned murder, that involves will. Now humans would probably be smarter because they wouldn't dwell on stupid apeals to emotion like tv and music etc. And the world would be much more logical cause they would spend more time doing things worse while than waisting time with apeals to emotion, tv music etc. Now one last thing you HAVE to realize is that love, is NOT an emotion, let me repeat myself, love is NOT an emotion. Infactuation is an emotion, (the general understanding of love is infactuation.) But love is of totally different nature, whant to know what love is read the thread on love, read my post and there you'll have love, wanna argue it argue there.

Image of the woman in la belle dame sans merci?

In the story she is a faery, which is most popularly defined as a human size "fairy."There is definite answer to who she really is, Keats leaves this for you to decide.I think she represents love (in general) and the Romantics' infactuation with the unattainable and the longing to escape.Romantics: writers of the Romantic eramore info: more: Who_is_the_woman_in_La_Belle_Dame_Sans_Merci

What does it mean when a guys says he feels like he has always known you that he feels like you should already know everything about him?

It is a line. There is no way to know EVERYTHING about someone, but you can be comfortable to be with. Keep listening to what he says and make your own opinions. It's possible it's the truth, but a lot of people say that when they are really attracted to you. It goes away when he or she and yourself find out that they know little or nothing about you. Most of the time, it was just infactuation, and the feeling goes away at your first disagreement. It's a great line though!

Why is it too difficult to find real love?

No one really knows. It's hard to believe, but there's a special someone out there for everyone. And you just 'gotta keep looking until you find that someone.Some believe in soul-mates. Apparently, if you aren't with your soul-mate you'll always feel like there's something missing.Love is not the "Feeling" that you have when you meet someone and your heart goes bongo for someone. That is infactuation, although it feels good it does not last no more than icecream on a hot day. Love is the thing that grows over years and it is the person who truely is your best friend. The one that stays with you when everyone else would walk away. The one who although you fight with and cant stand somedays is the same person who you miss when they are not around. Love takes work and patience. So is that person out there well if two people pledge to make it work no matter what then yes they are.

You knew this guy for only 2 days the you've fallen in love with him but he loves someone else and you feel there's no chance for you both...would you still love him or let go?

Let it go before he becomes an infactuation and takes over your life. Go and find someone who will love you in return, you deserve it. This exact same thing happened to me. I work up here in Alaska for this summer. This guy, will remain anonymous in case he visits this site, came into the lunch room and I started to feel something for him. He told me straight out that he only wanted to remain friends and that's how its going to go down, and I said that was fine and we would always be friends. Well I had the biggest crush him and I never told him that he said he had a girlfriend to my friend, and that he would see how the summer would go before he cheated on her. I was right there and just nodded in agreement. Well a couple weeks went by and he still was number one to me because I had the biggest crush on him and I thought it was love, well he brought this girl from a different country out here and I thought it was his girlfriend but it was not. So I pulled myself out of the crush and just let him go. I figured that he has a girlfriend and he does not have the same feelings for me so I let him go, but the thing is that we will always be friends. My suggestion to you is always be friends with him, but let him go with his other girl

Why would a woman who said she and your husband were just friends keep trying to contact him on the phone and at work after he told her that it was causing problems with his marriage?

Time to wake up my friend! This woman is more than just a friend to your husband, but I do commend your husband (ONLY TO SOME DEGREE.) He's playing a very dangerous game, and although he is probably remaining loyal to you, he's not exactly making it loud and clear to this woman to lay off and probably enjoys the feeling of another woman finding him attractive. It's time you told him that he can go into his employer and complain about "sexual harrassment" just like a woman can do to a man. There are many women out there that are infatuated with either someone in management (a boss) or another co-worker. Most of the infactuation is harmless, but every so often a woman can be a pest to a male worker and cause great problems in his marriage. It's obvious you are in touch with this woman, so I'd tell her "hands off" or you're reporting her to company management. Before you do anything sit down with your husband and get the straight scoop on what is going on. Tell him he either get's himself together and deals with this woman or YOU WILL! If he should be enticing this woman to hang around this above statement to him will make him "re think" what he's doing. If he's just one of these guys that can't shake this woman then your threat will alleviate his discomfort at work. Be very careful that your husband isn't conning you as well or that these two people actually do have work to do together. If you don't get the truth from your husband and take action before you do, then he could well lose his job and you will be left looking like a fool.

How long does that feeling of infatuation last?

For just a very few it can last for a lifetime. Normally, once a year or two of marriage goes by, we are hit in the face with reality. The fireworks may stop blasting off, but a new type of love takes it's place. A feeling of calmness (in most cases) and someone you can share your inner most feelings with. There is still the laughter, fun with each other, family and friends and always dreams of the future to share with each other. You don't feel alone in the world .. in fact, you feel like you can conquer the world. Then the children come along and sometimes the couple may not have all that much time for each other, but smart couples work at it and take one day out of that week for just themselves. It can be done! I've seen old people that have been married for over 60 years infatuated with each other. Infactuation doesn't mean just great sex, but a secret inside each other's soul ... again, that calmness, a feeling of almost smugness because the couple has something many people never experience ... loyalty, a new kind of love, honesty and devotion. Life is a real twist and it sure keeps you on your toes. Psychologists say 3 to 18 months. They contend that after 18 months, if things go well, it develops into a less intense, but richer 'companionate love.' Check out a Developmental Psychology textbook that covers the entire lifespan. Psychiatry/Psychology is not an exact science so you can't go by everything they say. I've been married for 35 years and wouldn't it be nice if these doctors took a survery of long-time marriages and come up with something more than 3 -18 months! Recent research has shown, through the usage of fMRI, that infatuation in some people can last well over 25 years. == == == == == == == ==

What should you do if you can't get a certain man out of your thoughts and he dominates your mind day and night and it is getting stronger and it's been a year since you have been feeling this way?

Well in order to answer this i need to know a little more info.Has he given you any signal that he likes you? If there are no signals then it could be an obsession or infactuation with this guy.If he has given you signals and you do actually see him then try getting his attention by smiling and staring into his eyes. I know its daunting but its the only way you can find out if he has got an interest in you. If he hasn't then you are wasting your time and you ned to go out and maybe meet new people in order for him t leave your thoughts!Give me some more information and maybe we can solve this one.Answerthanks for your response queen. i can't give too much information, but i will say, i believe he is interested in me as well. we see each other frequently and i notice he is nervous at times just as i am. i just can't seem to get him out of my mind. i am debating if i should let my feelings be known in the near future or move on and consider this situation hopeless. AnswerWell, if you believe he likes you then he probably does. As you say he seems a bit nervous. You need to look at things in a different light now. You need to stop thinking about how much you like him and you need to start believing that he likes you. This will help your confidence. Whenever you see him actually tell yourself this guy likes me and feel good about it. It will help you communicate with him and actually make conversation with him. Find an excuse, like asking him the time or for a lighter. If you have to, step on his foot by accident and then apologise and say something flirty like...I am always doing that and touch his shoulder and laugh. Once you have touched him you are giving him a signal. You are now actually letting him know that you like him. This may make it easier for him to flirt back. As far as he is concerned you don't like him as you hardly speak to him and because you have made it such a big thing to yourself you are probably more nervous around him and back away. Good luck.

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Do you always know that you love someone the first time you see them or can you fall in love with them over time?

When you meet someone for the first time you are just getting aquainted. Love at first sight is not real you like what you see that's the physical appearance. As time passes by when you get to know the person's personality and shortcomings, then when will decide if you can tolerate the person for who he is. You cannot fall in love overtime, that is infactuation. Usually people fall in love over time. You can have a very strong connection with someone at first, but for true love you have to know a person. An example; my husband and I were only friends for years because I didn't see him as more than that. Then one day, I started to like him as more than a friend. We started dating, fell in love and got married. Years later, we are still very happy and in love. Hi Allie: I started your message and it disappeared on me so here I go again. Both can happen. When we're young we are over 50% physically attracted to the person and often miss danger signs in their personality. The reverse is usually true as you get older. I believe in chemistry between two people and sometimes for the first time it clicks. Some people have to wait for the right person to come along. I suppose that is what makes it all so magical and romantic ... we just never quite know what is around the corner for each of us. I still think it's a good idea to take it slow and get to know the person very well. We all have ghosts in our closets. I was married before and married for the physical attributes of my ex and although you can have both in a man, this did not work out. I didn't see all the down sides of his personality even though family and friends warned me of him. I was young, in love (so I thought) and never ventured past his looks. It was a good lesson learned. I met my 2nd husband in an odd way; through a male friend who had known me when I was married to my ex. I had been dating, but couldn't seem to find the right person for me so I was taking a breather. He came from out of town for a visit and he asked what I was looking for in a man and I told him he had to have a good personality, make me laugh, be sensitive and love life and last, but surely not least ... TALL! LOL Well, he came with two nice fellows and one was just not my type, but the 2nd fellow was 6' 6" tall with a slim, muscular build, tanned, etc., etc. Not only that he had a great personality! I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't physically attracted to him, but we didn't date right off the bat and became good friends. Then, by magic, we realized we had all the good makings of a successful marriage and we've been married for 32 years. Even though we are a lot older, I still look at him and think he's a fantastic person and I'm still attracted to him. Hope you have someone you care about and I hope it works out for you. Marcy