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Assuming it is a 12 gauge, fully functional, showing normal use, it would be worth about $200-250 retail.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-23 23:00:11
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Q: What is information on a 1915 Springfield shotgun?
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What is the value of J Stevens Model 37 shotgun?

need information on stevens-springfield model 37 410 shotgun

When was the last date of manufacture of the Springfield arms shotgun?

springfield 410 shotgun #3131

How much is a Springfield J Stevens 12 gauge double barrel shotgun pat April 20 1915 worth?


What is the age of a 12 gauge Springfield double barrel shotgun serial t93318 Pat date April 20 1915?


How old is my Springfield 410 shotgun?

I am seeking the age of my 410 double barrel shotgun. It came from my grandfather and has the following markings: Springfield Arms Co. Pat Apr 20, 1915 X57709 It has double triggers and is chambered for 2 1/2 shells. Thanks

What is the age of a 410 springfield bolt action shotgun model 18f?

The information available shows that they were manufactured between 1914 and 1945. A call to Springfield armory might help narrow it down.

What is the age of a Springfield Model 67 E?

My first shotgun was a springfield Model 67 around 1973-74. I dont know about the "E" but mine was a 20 gu shotgun

Springfield 410 mod67b pump shotgun value?

The Springfield 410 model 67b pump shotgun is valued at $200 in fair condition. In good condition, it is valued at $300.

Who made the revelation model 336 bolt action shotgun?


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What is the value of a springfield 12 gauge shotgun made in 1881?

about $70,000

How do you find the age of a Springfield Repeater shotgun?

Contact springfield arms and ask them. They should be able to look it up and tell you.

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