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Insect pollination is also known as Entomophily. These insects are generally bees, butterflies, moths, flies and beetles. Entomophilous species frequently evolve mechanisms to make themselves more appealing to insects, e.g. brightly colored or scented flowers, nectar, or appealing shapes and patterns. When attracted by these mechanisms, the insect rubs or touches the stamens (Male reproductive part) and is covered in pollen. When the insect moves to another flower, the pollen on the insect reaches the stigma (Female reproductive part) and fertillizes it.

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Q: What is insect pollination?
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What R the 3 agents of pollination?

a) wind pollination (wind) b) insect pollination (insect) c) self pollination (the flower pollinates itself)

What type of pollination takes place in maize?

Wind pollination and Insect pollination

What is six steps to pollination?

What is six steps to pollination?

What are three ways pollination occurs?

wind, water or insect pollination

What words name methods of pollination?

Pollination can be by wind, by insect, by bird, by hand.

What are the three ways in which pollination can occur?

Self pollination, wind pollination, and insect pollination are the three ways that pollination occurs. Pollination is needed in order for plants to reproduce.

What type pf pollination occurs in flamboyant flowers?

the pollination process that occurs in flamboyant flowers is insect pollination

An insect carrying pollen from an anther to a stigma is an example of?

a vector or pollination or an example of cross-pollination - depending on whther you are refering to the insect of the transfer of pollen

What happens to the pollen when an insect crawls into a flower?


How is a nectary adapted for insect pollination?

I want to know the answer

What is the different in pollen at wind and insect pollination?

Insect pollination : Is pollination helped by insect, usually the flower have bright color, and have a nectar (flowers honey) in it to attract the insect, the pollen (male) and pistil (female) are on one flower. Wind pollination : Is pollination helped by the wind, usually the flower does not have bright color, have a smaller pollen size (so the wind can carry the pollen), the pollen (male) and pistil (female) are usually not in one flower.

How does antirrhinum flower adapted to insect pollination?

because it have brightly coloured petals and scent,whichattract a variety of insect's also produce nectarine's adapt them to pollination by only one type or species of insect

How do plants reproduce without seeds?

Plants reproduce by pollen grains. There are 2 types of pollination: Cross pollination and Self pollination. They are primarily pollinated by means of wind pollination or insect pollination.

How are petals adapted to insect pollination?

they are adepted that i dont know

Why would a flower need to attract an insect?

to do the process of pollination

What brings about pollination?

pollination is brought about by 4 main factors-wind,water,insect,air.the type of pollination depends on d type of flower.

What is it called when an insect depends on a plant when at the same time the plant is depending on the insect?

Symbiosis. Pollination is a good example of this - food for the insect, reproduction for the plant.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of insect pollination?

One advantage of insect pollination is that it allows for a species to have more possible genetic differences, which can be good for survival. A disadvantage is that plants have to depend on an external force to reproduce.

What are 3 ways pollen can move for pollination to occur?

wind, birdsand insect

How is a nasturtium flower adapted to insect pollination?

They have scented, brightly coloured petals

What is the difference from self and cross pollination?

Cross pollination is when the wind or a insect carries pollen from one flower to another. Self pollination is when a flower produces pollen and uses it in asexual reproduction.

Insect that helps pollinate?

Bees are the major helpers of pollination. Butterflies also help in pollination. Some type of humming birds and other birds and insets also help in pollination.

What factors aid in self - pollination?

self pollination are aided by many factors one of which iz water,air insect like am beez

How does nasturtium flower adapted to insect pollination?

Is the nasturtium flower wind or insect pollinated since it is also used to repell insects .

What advantage do angiosperms have over gymnosperms?

Angiosperms contain both seeds and flowers, while gymnosperms only contain seeds. Instead of relying on wind pollination, angiosperms attract bees and other insects (with the colors and decor of their flowers), whom which collect and distribute pollen (insect pollination). Insect pollination is more reliable than wind pollination.