What is insphere insurance?

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Insphere is not an insurance company, but a captive agency/brokerage hybrid that provides policies for certain well-established health insurance companies such as Humana, Aetna, and United Health. They also offer supplemental plans and agency memberships. The company is owned by the Blackstone Group, which has a highly reputable portfolio of businesses.

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Q: What is insphere insurance?
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Is insphere insurance solutions a good company to deal with?

I have worked with Insphere for several months and it has been the best chance I have ever had at making real money for my family. They have a great portfolio and anyone who says its a scam just don't know the facts. If companies like AARP are partnering with Insphere then there has to be some real views there. Also Insphere has some leading investors like Blackstone and credit suiss. If you look at Blackstones history then you will know its real. Understand though commission jobs aren't for everyone.

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What are opnions on insphere insurance solutions?

I contracted with Insphere back in January. There was no group interview. I had 2 interviews which were one-on-one with the Agency Manager. So far, no complaints. There are a lot of webinars and live training. And we just got this super slick mobile application for our smart phones that is incredible. The product mix is pretty good (life, health, disability, annuities, vision, dental, critical care and long term care). The carriers are all reputable and include Aetna, Health Markets and Blue Shield, among others. There are also some good life insurance companies as well, such as Minnesota Life and ING, and they're constantly adding more. It's been fairly easy to set appointments so far and close sales. I'm on course to earn somewhere in the mid-80K range, which is not bad, considering my lack of experience in the insurance field. I expect to earn about 30 - 40% more, starting my second year as my residuals start to kick in, and my production level continues to grow. Lastly. some large name investors including Blackstone and Goldman Sachs own Insphere, so hopefully things will just keep getting better for the agents and our clients.

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