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I have a 2003 350z and I'm sixteen years old... near 17 !!!... and the car is at the name of my dad cause it cost 4000$ per year of insurance if I put it on my name...


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Fast Enough. - 2007 350z owner.

Jon Gosselin is currently driving a black BMW. In the year leading up to the divorce, he drove a 2007 White Nissan NISMO 350z ,

no well, the answer above is a piece of crud because no isn't JUST a answer. Although the answer is right, i would be better to describe how.

There is no difference, they both refer to the Nissan 350z.

The top speed of a Nissan 350Z is 155 miles per hour. The Nissan 350Z can go from 0 to 155 in approximately 25 seconds.

The Nissan 350z was produced from 2003 to 2009, so the latest retail price would be based on a used car. Prices range from $8,887 for a 2003 Nissan 350Z coupe, to $21,980 for a 2009 Nissan 350Z convertible.

The roadster is a convertible and the touring isn't.

One. The Nissan 350Z is a two-seater sports car.

yes, i just recently did. i have a 2003 350 and my engine sucked up ater somehow an blew a piston. i got a 2007 engine with 27, 000 miles and am very satisfied. Nissan improved the engines after 2004 an i notice a difference!

Becase They Think That The 350Z Was The The Future OF Nissan Was The Nissan 350Z So That's Why They Stop Making The Skylines

The Nissan 350z costs anywhere from $36,000-$42,000. They stopped making 350z for 2011. They now only sell 370z.

The fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank on the Nissan 350Z.

The dealerships located for the Nissan 350z are located in Tampa, Florida as well as Miami, Florida. Both dealerships sell a wide variety of Nissan vehicles, including the 350z.

No. The Nissan 350z and 370z do not have back seats. If you have money though, consider the Nissan GT-R. It has back seats and is the fastest car from Nissan.

If you mean Stickshift, or Manual, then yes. You can buy the Nissan 350z in either manual or automatic transmission

In my Nissan 350z from 2003 the average gas consumption is about 1 litres/per 10 km. --

well Mitsubishi eclipse is a fast car but I really think that Nissan 350z is faster.

Nissan made the 350z from 2003-2009. They quit making this model because they came out with the 370z. The Nissan dealership no longer has this model available for purchase. Auto Trader has the 350z avaliable for used.

The top speedd of the 2006 Nissan 350Z is 155 mph.

were is the air conditioner relay on 350z 2005 model

My Nissan is a 2004, it has 280 bhp. However the latest Nissan 350z has a bit over 300 bhp in stock. That's because it has a newr engine. --

A stock 350z is not turbocharged. It is an N/A, 3.5L v6. in 2007, the motors featured dual ram air intakes. You can turbocharge these motors, but they do not come stock turbo charged.

The curb weight of a Nissan 350z is about 2,450 pounds dry. The car has a top speed of 151 miles per hour.

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