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Abuse that was done on purpose, premeditated, either physically or mentally.

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Q: What is intentional abuse?
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The National Center for Health Statistics classifies injuries as unintentional and intentional Which is an example of an intentional injury?

Domestic abuse ( plato users ) answer is B

What are three thing of common myths about abuse?

If I understand the question correctly, there are three common myths of abuse: 1.) Abuse is always intentional 2.) Abuse must be severe 3.) Abuse is always physical Sadly, a lot of individuals believe that abuse is strictly physical and results in physical wounds, bruises, or broken bones. But abuse can also be emotional, sexual, psychological, and (get this...) "un-intentional." While the word "un-intentional" is rather controversial and seems to imply that an individual should not be held responsible for the abuse, it is a term that I believe requires much more research and a greater definition. But let me start with emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can be anything from name calling, cursing, yelling, condeming, to verbally threatening an individual. Sexual abuse is forcing someone to perform sexual acts or engage against their will. Now, un-intentional abuse is "abuse" that is caused by an individual without their awareness. In other words, it is largely defined as neglect (not showing love or affection, failing to spend time with the child, or helping to remedy a problem they have at school or with friends, withholding the truth, misplaced or misguided resentment, etc.). Experts often disagree on this term, but some believe that abuse is generally continuous and intentional (with an intent to harm the other person). Unintentional abuse is just what the word says "un-intentional" and without evil intent.

Is it abuse when your boyfriend pushes you and grabs your hands and arms?

I think it can be a form abuse but that all depends on the mood the person is when they do it and how forceful they do it. If they are mad and it leaves marks, yes, that is abuse. If they are playing and joking around no matter how forceful it is, that is not abuse. or intentional abuse anyway, sometimes a person just doesn't realize how rough they are being. If you know a person well enough you should be able to tell if it is abuse or not.

What is an abusement?

An abusion is an act of misuse or abuse, of violation of law or improper behaviour, or of catachresis - the improper use of a word in a given context.

Which is an example of an intentional injury?

Which is an example of an intentional injury

What is a antonym of the word intentional?

Accidental is an antonym for intentional.

Does a handball have to be intentional?

In soccer, a handball does have to be intentional for it to be called.

Was the coming of Americans to the Philippines accidental or intentional?

it is intentional..

What is does BB mean in baseball?

IBB = Intentional Bases on Balls which is also known as an intentional walk

What are intentional chocies?

Intentional choices are the choices you make on purpose.

When was Intentional Theatre created?

Intentional Theatre was created in 2003.

When was Intentional Logic created?

Intentional Logic was created in 1952.