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Sponges are natural filters. They grow near and around coral reefs and help clean the ocean of plankton and algae. For hundreds of years, they have been prized for their natural absorbency and are harvested even today to be used as high-end bathing tools. Modern synthetic sponges mimic the structure of natural sponges simply because that structure makes them effective cleaning tools.


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There are believed to be at least 5,000 species of marine sponge. The following list includes a variety of interesting, but true, common names for the sponges (scientific names not added):Red SpongeElephant Ear SpongeBrown Tube SpongeBoring SpongeStove Pipe SpongeRow Pore Rope SpongeYellow Tube SpongeAzure Vase SpongeOrange Ball SpongeBrown Bowl SpongeRed-Orange Encrusting SpongeBrown Encrusting Octopus SpongeFine Lumpy SpongeOrange King SpongeStrawberry Vase SpongeThorny Horny SpongePurple Star-Sponge

poriferans. They are great and interesting creatures. They do not move and they are invertebrates (no spinal chord).

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A sponge doesn't have a body temperature, because a sponge doesn't have a body. But how warm or cold you put the sponge under water or any liquid is the temperature of the sponge.

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No The Sea sponge is a invertebrate

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