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Q: What is iron maiden's second album?
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When was Iron maidens first album released?

1980, Iron Maiden.

What was iron maidens first album?

Iron Maiden was the bands first ever album

What is iron maidens newest album named?

The Final Frontier :)

What was the name of Iron Maidens last album?

The Final Frontier (2010)

When was The Iron Maidens created?

The Iron Maidens was created in 2001.

When is iron maidens new album out?

Iron Maidens new album came out on 4th September 2015! It's called The Book of Souls, a double album containing the new single "Speed of Light", as well as their longest recorded song, "Empire of the Clouds", which runs for 18:01 minutes.

Who was iron maidens drummer?

Clive Burr played on Iron Maiden, Killers and Number Of the Beast. Nicko McBrain has played on every album since Piece of Mind

Iron Maidens first top 10 hit?

iron maidens first were from 'piece of mind' and' number of the beast'.

Is there supposed to be two Cd's in the mission edition of Iron Maidens new album?

No. The extra content is accessed online by inserting the disc into your computer.

What is iron maidens most recent album?

Their most recent album was Flight 666, and was a live album with songs throughout the world tour in 2008/09. The one before that is called A matter of life and death

Is The Final Frontier will be the final iron maiden album?

It is not official that Iron Maiden's 2010 album 'The Final Frontier' is their last. However, Iron Maidens said in a interview once that they only wanted to write fifteen studio albums. The Final Frontier is the fifthteenth. Hopefully they will make more.

What is iron maidens monster called?

Iron Maiden's mascot that appears on shirts, merchandise and every album cover is called Eddie. He is also painted on the side of Iron Maiden Boeing 747 (which has been named Ed Force One).

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