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What is iron ore used for?


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Apparently, over 99% of iron ore commercially used is for steel making. Steel is used in construction (housing/housing appliances), aircrafts, automobiles and containers (steel cans).

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Iron ore is processed in order to get the iron metal from the ore.

In poorer countries with no other iron ore, it is used for iron ore.

Iron Ore is an Iron Compound. Iron ore is usually used to make pig iron(metallic iron), cast iron, corrugated iron structural sheeting, and wrought iron.

To make iron and steel.

Iron ore is used to make steel

Fortunately, iron ore is much more common than gold ore; gold may be pretty but iron is used to make steel.

A magnet is used to separate iron from non-ferrous material in the pulverized ore.

Iron ore was traditionally used to make metal poles. These metal poles would be used as support beams in buildings for example.

iron ORE mining is the process of using a pickaxe on iron rocks to obtain iron ore. Iron ore can be smelted down in a furnace to make iron bars Iron bars are used to make all kinds of things

Iron is not actually made out of iron ore. Iron is extracted through a melting process from the iron ore.

no they are not the same because iron is a metal that is obtained from its ore called iron ore

Mining iron ore. 70% of the iron ore produced in the United States comes from Minnestoa.

Yes it can be used in iron ore processing to disperse alumina from the iron ore fines

It is plentiful, but finite. Nothing is making more iron ore- when it is used up, it is gone.

Power mining. Mine iron ore and drop them and mine them again.

It is used to make steel.

limonite is mainly used os minor as an ore for the iron ore.

Iron Ore fines are Iron Ore that have been crushed to under 10mm. Iron Ore pellets are Iron Ore fines that have been concentrated and bonded together to form small balls, or pellets.

Iron is the world's most commonly used metal - steel, of which iron ore is the key ingredient, represents almost 95% of all metal used per year. It is used primarily in structural engineering applications and in maritime purposes, automobiles, and general industrial applications. Iron ore crushing plant or iron ore production lines are needed.The most commonly used crushers in iron ore crushing plant are jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and high-efficient iron ore fine crushers, etc.At present, the most popular iron ore production lines consists of two jaw crushers. After crushing, the material will be sent for the magnetic separation, and then into the ball mill for grinding.

The carbon combines with the oxygen in the ore, separating it from the iron.Excess carbon alloys with the extracted iron, hardening it.

Iron is much easier to extract from its ore.

In Minecraft,in order to get iron ore out of a mined block of iron you need to smelt the iron ore block in a furnace.

Mostly as iron ore. == ==

In Ancient West Africa iron ore was used as a pigment. It was also used to produce iron. That area went directly from the stone age to the iron age bypassing the copper and bronze ages.

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