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It is ironic because Atticus knows that the truth is unlikely to be revealed in Tom Robinson's case due to the racism pervasive in the jury and the community. Despite his faith in the justice system, Atticus is implying that the truth will never come to light and that Tom will be wrongly convicted.

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Q: What is ironic about Atticus saying that Tom may get the chair but not until the truth is told?
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What is ironic about Atticus's argument with Heck Tate?

The irony in Atticus's argument with Heck Tate is that Atticus, who is known for upholding justice and truth, is in this case unknowingly protecting his own son by wanting the truth of the situation revealed, while Heck Tate, the sheriff, is willing to sacrifice the truth to protect Jem from the consequences of the event. This situation challenges the typical roles of the characters and their values.

What is a verbal ironic?

This is when words express something that is contrary to the truth and is often sarcastic

Why is it ironic that Teiresias is blind?

Tiresias is able to 'see' the truth better than anyone, which is intended to be ironic given that he is blind. The Oedipus plays were written by Sophocles.

What proverbial truth?

A proverbial truth is a saying that reveals some kind of wisdom or advice about life within a short saying

Why does miss Maudie believe that appointing atticus was no accident?

Miss Maudie believes that appointing Atticus as Tom Robinson's lawyer was not an accident because she knows that Atticus has a strong sense of justice and integrity. She trusts that Atticus will do his best to defend Tom Robinson fairly, regardless of the prejudice and racism present in the community. Miss Maudie understands that Atticus was chosen for his moral character and dedication to the truth.

How do you get an help from agaram trust?

by saying truth

What is the reality that Atticus hopes the jury will see?

Atticus hopes the jury will see beyond their racism to see truth. Truth in this case included that White women do lie and accuse Black men of rape when no bad act occurred. He hopes they will see and deliver a just verdict.

How do the kids find out that atticus had been aware of what really happened that night when dill lied and said jem lost his pants playing strip poker?

The kids find out that Atticus had been aware of what happened the night Dill lied about Jem losing his pants playing strip poker when they are discussing the events of the previous night in Atticus' office. Atticus tells the kids that he knew the truth the entire time and that he was not fooled by Dill's lie. He goes on to explain his reasoning behind not telling them the truth that night. He says that he wanted to give them the opportunity to tell him the truth on their own and that he was not going to force them to admit the truth if they didn't want to. Atticus also says that he wanted them to learn from the experience and to understand the consequences of lying.Atticus' explanation reveals to the kids that he was aware of what really happened that night and that he was not fooled by Dill's lie. This shows the kids that Atticus is wise and that he trusts them to tell him the truth even when it is difficult to admit. It also teaches them to be honest and to accept responsibility for their actions.

How can you get honest?

You can become honest by not lying and saying the truth.

How do you know if I am telling the truth?

you can only tell the truth if you are saying a fact or a opinon, a question can not be true or false, so i know your not telling either as you are saying a neutral question

Who wanted atticus to dismiss Calpurnia?

Mayella Ewell wanted Atticus to dismiss Calpurnia because she felt that Calpurnia was getting too close to Tom Robinson. Mayella feared that Calpurnia would influence Atticus to see the truth of Tom's innocence.

What are atticus finch values ethical principles?

Atticus Finch values honesty, integrity, empathy, and justice. He believes in treating all individuals with respect and dignity, regardless of their background or social status. Atticus upholds the principles of equality and fairness in his pursuit of truth and justice.