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What is is Chris browns real name?

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christopher maurice brown

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What is encyclopedia browns real first name?

Chris Brown

What is Chris Brown real name?

His real name is Christopher Maurice Brown but his nickname is Chris Chris is cute in she anit u Chris browns really name is Christopher Marcice Brown

Whats chris browns real name?

Christopher Maurice Brown

What is chris browns real first name?

Christopher Maurice Brown

What is will brown real name that play on meet the browns?

chris brown

Is Christopher chris browns real name?

Yes Chris is short for Christopher, his full name is Christopher Maurice Brown.

What is Chris Brown's aim screenname?

Chris Browns Real Aim Screen Name Is iiChrisBrown ..have Fun!!

What is the name of Chris Browns first aibum?

The name of chris browns first album is "Run It"

Is Chris Browns dogs name diamond?

yes chris browns pittbulls name is diamond.

What is Chris Browns sister name?

Chris Browns sisters name is Lytreel Bundy she is the older sister

Who is kionna?

chris browns real girlfriend

Is chris browns real dad dead?


Whats Chris Browns sisters real name?

He has two sisters. One of them goes by "Tootie"

Chris browns sisters nickname is tootie but what is her real name?

i think it angelo but it is probly not just saying

What is the name of Chris Browns first album?

Chris Brown

What is is Chris Browns dads name?

Chris Brown's dad's name is Clinton Brown.

What is Chris Browns fathers name?

Chris Brown's father's name is Clinton Brown.

What is the name of Chris Browns second album?

Chris brown or exclusive

What is chris browns sisters name?


What is chris browns brothers name?


Who is chris browns agent?

her name is tina.

What is Chris Browns last name?


What is Christerfer Browns name?

Chris Brown.

The name of Chris Browns dog?

His dog's name is Diamond

Who is Chris Brown girlfriend?

chris browns girlfriends name is jasmine sanders