What is issa Thompson favorite color?


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Issa Thompson is 22 years old (birthdate: September 22, 1994).

Actually Yes, Idk If he Still Does But He Had A GF name Ricka She Looks Just Like Him !

No he does not. he has a twitter go tweet him and maybe he might tweet back. https://twitter.com/#!/ISSAIAM

Issa Abu Issa was born in 1955.

He did not have a favorite color.

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His favorite color is Black his second favorite color is Blue:)

Blue is his favorite color.

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what is mrindas favorite color

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His favorite color is green.

his favorite color is green.

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Issa Nasser Issa Al-Ismaily has written: 'Uzanzibari na usultani' -- subject(s): Sultans

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