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In the British theatre it is bad luck to say "Macbeth". It is normally replaced by "the Scottish play".

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Where is it bad luck to say Macbeth?

Tradition says, saying "Macbeth" in a theater will give bad luck to all the actors and the play itself. In a theater.

Why is it bad luck to say Macbeth in a theatre?

Theater people believe it is bad luck. They call MacBeth the "Scottish play."

Why is it bad to say Macbeth in a theater?

Because it is Bad Luck.It is bad luck because Macbeth is a witch William shakespear created but is now classed as a bad luck symbol to anybody in a theater who says the witches name.

Is it correct to say What a bad luck or What bad luck?

When something bad happens we say "What bad luck!"We do not say "What a bad luck!" because that is not correct in normal English usage.

What states is a black cat bad luck?

they say black cats are bad luck because they say black is the color of the devil and so is red and when they say is a black cat bad luck they think the devil is bad luck

Did the Greeks use live animals in the theater?

no because they were known as bad luck

How do you say bad luck in German?

bad luck in German language mean[pech]

Is it bad luck to say good luck in the dressing room?

The acting profession is very superstitious. True, to say 'good luck' to someone just going on stage is bad luck. Instead acting people say 'break a leg' its code for 'good luck' but the bad spirits don't know that.

What was one play set in Scotland by shakespeare?

Macbeth. By the way, professional actors have certain superstitions, and one of them is that it is bad luck to say "Macbeth" in a theater. They refer to it as "The Scottish Play".

How do you say bad luck in Japanese?


Are wolves bad luck?

I beleive that wolves are good luck most people say bad because their ignorant, or scared.

Why don't you say Macbeth in a theater?

Apparently it's a superstition that it will bring bad luck to the theatre. Personally I think that it isn't true. I was reading Macbeth and talking about it at my rehearsal for a play and it went swimmingly.

Why is it bad luck to say good luck to an actor?

For the same reason you can't say the name of that Scottish play, I guess!

How do you say bad luck in spanish?

I think you would say "mala suerte".

How do you wish good luck to a theater director?

The really funny thing about theater is that they believe you can "jinx" a performance by wishing them well - so they say "break a leg" to each other and think that will give them good luck instead.

Is it bad luck to have 13 letters in your name?

It is bad luck to be superstitious.It is bad luck to be superstitious.It is bad luck to be superstitious.It is bad luck to be superstitious.

Is it a good luck if bat bird enters home?

I would say that's bad luck.

Is having mice at home as pet is a bad luck?

I Say "NO!"

Is it bad luck to open an umbrella indoors?

Some say it is but personally i do not think it is. Because I've done it before and i didn't get bad luck! :)

Is it bad luck to take down your Christmas tree on the sixth of January?

Its tradition that Christmas trees are down around the feast of the epiphany which is the 6th January. Some people say its bad luck but just because some people say its bad luck doesn't make it so.

How do you translate the Tagalog term of malas in English?

Malas means bad luck.Example:They say that when you point on a black cat, you will have bad luck.(superstition)

Are Sea shells in home bad luck?

yea people say they do

Is seeing a bird fly indoors bad luck?

Well the old native peoples of America say that it is bad luck, but by the rest of the normal people it is said that seeing a bird indoors flying is not bad luck, like walking under a ladder, which in superstition language, (IS) bad luck.By Alban Bahja

Are Parrots Bad Luck?

If you are superstitious you probably believe they bring bad luck but on the other hand if you are not superstitious you are most likely to say no. so it just depends.

Can you wear a ring on the same finger as your wedding ring?

Well you can but they say it's bad luck. So if I was you I wouldn't. I don't believe in bad luck anyway.

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