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drawing a conclusion.

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Q: What is it called when a scienstist states whether their data corfirmed or rejected the hypothesis?
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What is the significance of a hypothesis?

The significance test is the process used, by researchers, to determine whether the null hypothesis is rejected, in favor of the alternative research hypothesis, or not.

What is it called when scientists state whether there data confirmed or rejected the hypothesis?


What it called when scientists state whether their data confirm or rejected the hypothesis?

Stating a conclusion.

What is it call when scientist states whether data confirmed or rejected the hypothesis?

Drawing a conclusion apex

What is a conclusion based on information?

A conclusion sums up all your observations,inference, and hypothesis in the experiment based on the data collected. This is to prove whether your hypothesis is accepted or rejected.

What happens if a hypothesis is rejected?

You cant go through the full scientific method process.(Because the 7th step is drawing conclusions & checking whether your hypothesis is right or wrong.)

Is a hypothesis is a decision based on the results of the experiment.?

No. An hypothesis is an idea put forward to explain an observation. Often you do the experiment to test the hypothesis. The results of the experiment may help you decide whether to discard your hypothesis or to test it further.

Can a hypothesis that has been rejected be of any value to scientists?

Yes. But usually a hypothesis (if, then, because statement) is changed overtime to establish a conclusion on the investigation. The point of the collection of the data is to show whether or not the hypothesis was supported, and if not needs to be corrected/modified. Certain parts may still be helpful/kept but in most cases it is changed

What is it called when scientists state whether their data confirmed or rejected the hypothesis?

Drawing a conclusion apex

It Comes after a hypothesis and is used to determine whether the hypothesis is correct?

Test your hypothesis by Doing an Experiment

What makes a hypothesis able to be tested?

A hypothesis is a question or a statement that you must prove or disprove through an experiment. Whether or not something can be tested by an experiment determines whether or not you can form a hypothesis.

What does it that a hypothesis must be testable?

It must be possible to observe whether the hypothesis is true.