What is it called when an asteroid hits Earth?


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Bolides are extraterrestial bodies that pass through the earth's atmosphere.


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A meteorite that hits the surface of the Earth is called a Bolide.

An asteroid is space debris made up of rock and metal and can range drastically in size. When an asteroid makes a collision course for Earth, it is called a meteor. A meteor that manages to hit the Earth is called a meteorite.

Technically, if it hits the Earth it's not an "asteroid", it's a "meteorite". And yes, meteorites hit the Earth all the time.

Asteroid can last up to 100 years before it hits earth.

Depends entirely on the impacting speed and the size of the asteroid. Generally an asteroid impact is not going to bode well for life on Earth

Depending on the size of the asteroid many different things may happen when it hit the earth. If the asteroid is large enough it could cause the earth to go into a second ice age.

it depends on how big the asteroid is... if it is Hugh everyone on earth could die.. if it is small it could kill some people

The chances of an asteroid from the asteroid belt hitting Earth are very close to zero. The chances of a so-called "near Earth asteroid" hitting Earth are much higher... in fact, they hit Earth all the time, and are seen as meteors ("shooting stars").

most likely if a fairly large asteroid hits earth it will wipe out all signs of any life that was present.

meteorA meteor. Its also referred to as a shooting star.AnswerAn asteroid or meteoroid entering the earth's atmosphere is called a meteor. If parts of it manage to reach the ground without burning up, they are referred to as meteorites. a meteorite is when the asteroid actually hits the earth

If its big enough... It can kill a lot of people

You usually get a crater, with surrounding damage.

An asteroid called apophis has a very high chance to hit the Earth in 2036.

It is called an asteroid if it has more than about 10 meters diameter. Smaller objects are called meteorites.

An asteroid had hit Earth and knocked of a chunk that is now called the moon.

No, an asteroid cannot destroy earth, but a large enough asteroid can have devastating effects on the life on Earth

depending on the size it could destroy the planet or impact in the water and not do much. It all depends on the size of said asteroid!

Debris from space hits the earth on a daily basis. It is highly unlikely that a sizable asteroid will hit the earth on any given day. On the order of centuries rather than years.

It's known as a "catastrophic cataclysm resulting in the end of most if not all life on Earth".

a meteorite is a rock that hits the earth an asteroid is a rock just floating out in space and a meteor is a rock that comes into the earth's atmosphere but burns up

Earth is inside the asteroid belt

This would depend on a number of factors, including:The exact mass and size of the asteroidWhere it hits the EarthThe trajectory of the asteroidThe initial velocity of the asteroidThe density of the asteroidPotential damage that an asteroid can cause includes:Damage from blast wavesDamage from resulting earthquakesDamage from resulting firesDamage from tidal waves if the asteroid hits a body of water

Well some people say that the world might end in 2039 by an asteroid called apophis. If it hits in the Pacific Ocean then there will be monsunes that are up to 52 feet tall and will flood Hawaii, California, through Alaska. If the asteroid hits the Atlantic Ocean then the lands that are close to the alantic ocean are going to be flooded.

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