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Antagonists oppose or reverse the movement of a prime mover.

The process would be known as Antagonistic.

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Muscles that work in opposite pairs are called?

antagonistic muscles

Since muscles can only pull and not push each muscle is matched with another on the opposite side What are these pairs of muscles called?

they are called complimentary muscles

Why do skeletal muscles have to work in pairs?

Muscles PULL- they do not push. Muscles must work in pairs to have movement in both directions.

Muscles that work in pairs are called what?

they are called antagonistic muscles.

What are muscles called when they work in pairs?

Antagonistic pairs

Forces that have the same strength but act in opposite directions?

force pairs

What is the opposite of a muscle contraction?

The opposite of contraction is muscle relaxation. Many skeletal muscles control movement with opposing pairs of muscles.

Muscles work in pairs?

Muscles do work in pairs in order to push and pull the limbs. These muscles are called flexor and extensor muscles.

What does it mean that muscles work in opposable pairs?

When physiologists say that muscles work in opposable pairs, they mean that muscles work in a location opposite of another muscle. For example, the bicep and tricep. These muscles are located opposite from each other and therefore work as a pair.

What are the pairs of muscle that work together?

Muscles that work together are call synergists. Those that work opposite are called antagonists.

What body parts work in pairs to pull your bones in different directions?

They are the muscles. Muscles contract in pairs to move the parts across the joint. One muscle contract with more power. The opposite muscle contracts with less power and get stretched over to allow the first muscle to act.

What are the muscles called when they are in pairs?


What are muscles that work together in pairs called?

The muscles that work together are called antagonistic.

What are the muscles with opposite functions?

These muscles are known as antagonistic pairs of muscles, Most common example is biceps and triceps muscles which are responsible for contraction and relaxation of arm.

How do muscles work together in pairs for movement?

Muscles work in pairs by set of relaxation and contraction which are done simultaneously by the muscles involved. Muscles only contract (pull). To get alternate motions each possible pull must be matched by a pull in the opposite direction, thus almost all muscles must act in pairs.

What causes the wheels of a car to rotate in opposite directions when the wheels are off the ground?

The wheels of a vehicle may rotate in different directions if they have a system that is called "spur-gear differential." Pinion pairs are displaced axially, and mesh part of the length between two spur gears, results in rotation in opposite directions.

Are muscles that work in pairs called tissues?

No!Muscles that work in pairs are called antagonistic muscles.Tissue is a level between single cells and complete orgenisms, e.g. organs are made out of gruops of tissues.

Do muscles contract or push?

They contract.Long and complicated proteins fibres in the muscles draw across each other, bunching up, contracting the muscle.Muscles never push - to get around this, the body puts muscles into pairs, known as antagonistic pairs, so that they each pull (contract) in opposite directions. For example, around your elbow, your bicep pulls to close your arm, and your tricep (on the other side) pulls to extend your arm.

What happens when one skeletal muscle contracts?

Since muscles cannot do work by "expanding", they are arranged in pairs, pulling in opposite directions. When one muscle of a pair contracts, the other relaxes. This generates movement in the desired direction.

Why do skeletal muscles act in pairs?

Skeletal muscles work in pairs because muscles can only contract (pull) and cannot expand (push). Thus, if you want to move one direction, you use one set of muscles and to move in the opposite direction you use the corresponding set of muscles.skeletal muscles work in pairs because muscles can only contract (pull) and cannot expand (push).Skeletal muscles will have a flexor and an extensor.The flexor bends the joint.The extensor straightens it out again.Skeletal muscles work in pairs because muscles can only contract (pull) and cannot expand (push). Thus, if you want to move one direction, you use one set of muscles and to move in the opposite direction you use the corresponding set of muscles.

What are antagonist pairs of muscles?

pairs of muscles that work together

Muscles that work as opposite pairs to move bones are called?

Agonist & AntagonistsAgonist is the muscle responsible for the primary movement ( muscle that contracts)Antagonist is the opposite muscle that must relax to allow the agonist to move a joint.

Opposing pairs of muscles involved in movement are called?

flexors and extensors

Muscles that work in pairs and against each other are called?


Does an action reaction force pair acts on the same body?

Reaction pairs work on the same things and in opposite directions.

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