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Glucose and fructose chemically combine to form the disaccharide sucrose.

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Two simple sugars bonded together are a disaccharide.

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it's called a disaccharide.

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Q: What is it called when two sugar molecules bond with each other?
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The bond that is formed between two glucose molecules is called what?

A bond between a sugar (the ribose sugar) and a non sugar (the base) is called a glycosidic bond.

What is the bond that links monosaccharides in di- and polysaccharides?

A glycosidic bond is a type of bond that joins sugar molecules to each other.

Is sugar water mixture compound or solution?

Sugar water is a solution because the sugar molecules do not chemically bond to the water molecules.

What bond bonds water molecules with other water molecules?

hydrogen bond bonds water molecules with other water molecules.

What is the process which sugar molecules bond together?

dehydration synthesis

What type of bond is formed between sugar molecules?

The kinds of bonds that join molecules with other molecules are called intermolecular bonds. These can be covalent bonds or ionic bonds. These bonds can usually be broken by an increase in thermal energy (temperature), and form when there is a lack of thermal energy.

What name is given to the bond between water molecules?

The bond between water molecules is called the hydrogen bond.

Is sugar water a compound a mixture or a solution?

It's a solution, since the sugar is dissolved in water.

How can molecules of sugar be dissolved by molecules of water?

When crystallized sugar is put into water, the H2O molecules separate the sugar molecules from each other. This happens because both H2O and sugar molecules are polar. The polarity causes the much smaller H2O molecules to squeeze between the sugar molecules and break the weak van der Waals forces that exists between them. The H2O molecule bonds to the sugar molecule with a stronger bond than the earlier van der Waals force (because of the polarity of the molecules).

Is the bond between two glucose molecules an ether bond?

The bond is called a Glycosidic Bond

When two molecules bond together the process that binds them is called?

This is an intermolecular bond.

What does glucose and glucose form?

A disaccharide called maltose. Two alpha glucose monomer molecules form a 1,4-glycosidic bond during a condensation reaction and the polymer is formed is maltose which is a reducing sugar found in malt sugar. The bond is broken by hydrolysis.